A Special Holiday Release: Introducing the New Josh App Areas Interface 🎅📱

2 min readDec 26, 2023

The Josh App, the leading platform for smart home control and customization, continues improving upon its 5.0 update to enhance elegance and functionality for every user. Today’s update reimagines interactions in the Areas View with a sleek design and dynamic interface to optimize each homeowner’s access to their unique floor plan.

Featuring a modern design, the new Areas View provides intuitive and efficient navigation of a client’s living spaces. In the process, streamlining access to commonly used rooms and currently active devices.

Areas Guide

Areas Guide

By implementing personalizable graphical tiles that can be stacked and expanded upon via the upper right List View button, users can quickly identify broader areas or specific rooms.

Left to Right: Expanded Areas View & Sub-Area View

For instance, the sample below demonstrates the layered and refined navigation flow. Starting from left to right, it starts with the stacked view of a property’s areas hierarchy while expanding and refining as sub-areas are selected. The example progression illustrates selecting the First Floor of a property and viewing its Great Room comprising a Dining Room, Kitchen, and Living Room.

Sample Areas Flow

The Areas View update also features improved visibility for active devices thanks to the addition of an icon located at the bottom right of each tile. Users will notice that this icon cycles through all of the active devices in a room or area, providing a user-friendly reminder if anything is accidentally left on.

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