Invests in Intelligence for Every Project — Launches Geneva OS at CEDIA Expo 2022

5 min readSep 27, 2022 is announcing major updates across its product portfolio, including the debut of its upgraded Geneva OS portal and Josh App version 5.0., the leader in voice control and AI for the custom integration channel, is doubling down on making the home truly intelligent. The company’s new features and enhancements represent the culmination of feedback from its network of more than 1,100 certified dealers. With the installer and client experience driving its product direction, is proud to present seamless innovation while ensuring that user privacy remains paramount.

“Our mission at is to enable simple and magical experiences, while empowering our customers with confidence that they are in control of their data. The rollout of Geneva OS expands upon our full-featured configuration tools, adds limitless customization to every system, and provides our dealers with the administrative tools to easily manage all of their projects. We’re always excited about delivering award-winning hardware and client-facing interfaces, and we believe our continued investment in professional tools like our new Dealer Dashboard will be critical for our installers supporting their clients.”

— CEO, Alex Capecelatro.

Geneva OS — A Bespoke AI Experience

Geneva OS reimagines how clients interact with their surroundings, evolving from traditional programming to an interface that anticipates a homeowner’s needs. The new platform introduces a new feature called Intelligent Areas, which groups commonly associated rooms and devices together. Other new features include Room Customization, for programmers to dictate device presets, as well as a new Dealer Dashboard to improve visibility for integration firms managing their client deployments. As of CEDIA Expo 2022, the Geneva OS update is active across all systems and will be the standard going forward, at no additional charge.

Intelligent Areas:

Intelligent Areas takes’s location awareness a step further, enabling access to groups of rooms and shared devices with natural language. From distributed audio and video, to lighting, shading, and climate control — Intelligent Areas increases’s understanding of every client’s property. For example: now understands that while a thermostat might be installed in the Living Room, it also controls the temperature in the Kitchen and the rest of the rooms in a larger Great Room area. When a Josh Micro or Nano that is within the Great Room receives a command like, “Hey Josh, I’m cold,” it will know to activate the thermostat applicable to the proper area.

Room Customization:

Thanks to Room Customization in Geneva OS, installers are now able to define appropriate audio and video start-up volumes as well as default levels for lights, shades, and many more devices. For example, clients can simply request to turn on the lights and will know the exact color temperature, saturation, and brightness desired for every light load in that room.

When a client has requested to turn off a room, has traditionally powered off all active devices. However, some projects require a more tailored experience. Geneva OS enables programmers with the means to preset exactly what should happen when a user gives a room-level on or off command. No matter what language structure a client uses, will initiate the room’s customized preset.

Dealer Dashboard:

In an effort to equip partners with greater administrative and operational tools, is launching its Dealer Dashboard as part of Geneva OS. Company leaders can now appoint technicians, purchasers, and sales personnel with specific user-level access to the materials they need while remotely managing all of their projects. The Dealer Dashboard includes visibility into a company’s order histories and dealer tier status to provide a new element of convenience when quoting future projects. In addition to its new dealer-focused features, the dashboard will also include quick access to’s existing technical support resources, marketing collateral, and product ordering page.

Josh App 5.0

Home Intelligence Interface:

A smart home is not just an environment that is controlled with button presses or voice commands. The Josh App’s new Interactive Home Page sets the stage for proactive two-way feedback with visibility into what devices are currently active, the most recent requests spoken or texted through the app, and a command prompt box with recommendations based on prior user activations. The new home page layout also includes quick intuitive access to a client’s account page, custom dashboards, devices, rooms, and scenes.

Mobile Natural Language Scene Editor: is building upon the success of using conversational speech to create complex scenes in its web portal. In the Josh App for iOS, users can now enjoy the same functionality of creating scenes on the fly by typing or speaking naturally into the Mobile Natural Language Scene Editor. For example, a client can make a ‘Bedtime’ scene for their children by launching the Josh App, creating a new scene, and simply dictating what actions they want executed. It is as simple as saying, or typing:

“Create a scene called ‘Bedtime’ that turns off the lights in the East Wing, except for the night light, and plays white noise in Billy’s room.”

Once it is saved, this scene can be triggered whenever a member of the family says, “Hey Josh, it’s bedtime.”

AI Notifications:

Any helpful assistant should provide alerts when attention is required. With the release of Geneva OS and AI Notifications, proactively notifies homeowners about the status of their property, through easily user-set parameters. For example, can now alert a user of a potential security vulnerability if their garage door is left open, motion is detected, or if a lock is left unlocked past a certain hour. Users can choose to receive notifications via the Josh App and through voice announcements, extending the practicality of for assisted living and families that want to monitor elderly relatives remotely.

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