12 Booths Featuring Josh.ai at CEDIA 2019

Thanks to everyone who came out to CEDIA 2019 and helped to make the Josh booth a success! This is the first year we incorporated a live demo into our booth and it allowed us to show everyone just some of our new features — iOS TV Remote, Sound Ducking, Concise Mode — and new integrations with Ketra, Comcast, and Samsung to give our clients a more natural smart home experience.

Our big focus is and has always been around privacy. We don’t believe in gathering data for marketing purposes and will never sell your data to third-parties for advertising. All the data that Josh gathers is used to make the user experience better, not worse.

Check out some of our partner booth that we were spotted in and learn more about our integration with them!

Lutron booth

Lutron had a great demo home setup with that showed off Ketra and flaunted the seamless functionality. Josh also had a nice guest appearance as part of their demo.

Sony booth

Sony showed off the integration with network-enabled Sony televisions, projectors, and receivers provides an array of robust solutions for voice-controlled entertainment spaces.

Sonance booth

Our partners at Sonance had a fantastic booth this year. Josh on display along with the TRUFIG in-wall mount.

Yamaha booth

Josh was a big part of the demo at Yamaha, where you got to see Tom Cruise jumping out of a plane in Mission Impossible. The demo included voice commands to Josh that transformed the entire environment at once, including lights, shades, TV, and receivers, impressing everyone watching the demo.

SeeLess booth

With SeeLess’s recessed mounting technology, the Josh Micro nestles flush with the wall creating a trim-less look. These environmentally friendly mounts are available in multiple depths and can be personalized to the design of your home.

Dish booth

Josh was on full display at the DISH booth. DISH had a living room set up where you could say, “OK Josh, Watch ESPN, turn up the volume on the TV, and close the shades halfway.” This is going to be very popular on weekend Game Days.

Xfinity booth

The integration with Xfinity offers control of live TV — play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind — using both voice and the Josh app. Users can ask for channels by name or number, which when combined with Josh’s ability to handle compound commands, offers an unparalleled experience.

CI Ware booth

Josh.ai integrators Stephen and Mary Beth Rogers had their own booth in Innovation Alley this year, where they got to show off their new project CI Ware. We were happy to have Josh be a part of this new innovative offering.

Wall Smart booth

We’ve teamed up with Wall-Smart to develop the Josh Micro Mount. It’s a flush wall mount solution that provides a flexible way to integrate the Josh Micro user interface into a range of home environments for both new constructions and retrofit installations.

Samsung booth

Samsung offered a great demo giving a preview of the latest in smart TV, and they featured Josh in their explosive demo. Josh integrates with Samsung IP TVs, offering the ability for our clients to toggle power, control volume, and change sources.

Audio Control Booth

Josh was on display at one of our newest partners, Audio Control. With this integration, users can get native distributed audio distribution.

Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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