What to Expect Unboxing Your Josh Micro!

Technology is exciting. The enthusiasm that builds with a new frontier of possibilities manifests the inner child in all of us, anxiously awaiting our newest toy. However, the fun should not be reserved for when we start playing with our gadgets. Opening the package should be its own sublime experience.

Here at Josh.ai, we believe elegant design is an indispensable part of creating revolutionary products. Every aspect of our brand from packaging, to hardware, to our application is carefully curated to visually inspire, simplify the user experience, and create a connection between client and product.

With that in mind — Take a peek at our Josh Micro unboxing and quick setup video below.

WARNING: If you’d rather wait to experience the unboxing for yourself, then don’t watch the video.

What’s Included in the Box?

  1. Josh Micro — Available in Onyx Black or Carrera White.
  2. Power Cable — Power Micro directly or through POE with the included adapter.
  3. Power Transformer— Use the USB-C cable and AC adapter to connect the Micro to Wi-Fi, ideal for placement on tabletops.
  4. Wall Mounting Kit — Includes a metal ring and three screws. The metal ring magnetically fixes into the bottom of Micro to enable seamless wall installation.
  5. USB-C to POE Adapter — Plugs into the bottom of Micro to power the device when wall-mounted.
  6. Information Card — Details how to set up your Josh and provides sample voice commands to try.

Setting Up Your Josh Micro(s)

Installing Josh Micro is a quick and easy process. All you need is the hardware listed above, a software license, and the Josh application.

The first step is to choose if you are going to setup Josh Micro using POE or Wi-Fi.

The Josh app lets you choose to connect Micro using POE or Wi-Fi


Josh Micro can conveniently be wall mounted using the POE adapter and wall mounting kit. It is helpful to place far field microphones near household entrances and exits for a seamless a hands-free voice control experience.

  • To get started, you will need an ethernet cable equipped with POE running through your wall.
  • Once the location is determined, drill three 1/8" holes for the wall screws and one center hole for the POE cable to mount the ring to the wall.
  • Connect the provided POE adapter to your POE cable, then plug the USB-C end of the adapter into the bottom of Josh Micro.
  • Attach Micro to the wall mount ring while feeding the POE cable through the wall. It should fit snug to the wall mount.
  • When you are finished, follow the instructions in the Josh application to add Micro to your environment via POE.


Wi-Fi is a great option for Micros that will be placed on bed side tables and kitchen counters. We recommend positioning them away from sources of noise like TVs and speakers to optimize the audio path. Plug in your Micro using the provided USB-C cable to get started.

  • Micro’s LEDs will light up blue when it is ready to be setup.
  • Add a Micro in the Josh app by navigating to the device list (swipe right from the main dashboard) and select “add Micro” at the bottom.
  • Connect Micro to your home by following the simple steps in the app. You will be prompted to select how your Micro is configured, connect to Micro’s Wi-Fi hotspot, and then pair Micro with your home network.
  • Assigning Micro to a room during setup is an important step for its location awareness feature. This enables Micro to be prepared for room-specific commands without having to say the name of the room, like “turn on the lights and play Beyoncé.”

For complete instructions on how to setup your Josh Micro, go to josh.ai/setup/micro.

Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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