The smart home’s killer user interface

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Source: Recode

Recode recently published a piece called “What will be the smart home’s killer user interface?” From democratizing home management to unlocking a new level of simplicity, the article does a great job painting a picture of what voice as a UI could look like. At we’re very bullish on voice (as you can see in our video below). Check out the full Recode article here to read more.

“Every tech revolution is sparked by a killer user interface. For personal computers, it was the mouse combined with the graphical user interface (GUI). For smartphones, it was the multi-touch screen. In my industry, the burning question is, “What will be the winning UI that brings the smart home to a mass audience?”

“Based on the developments at the most recent CES, there is growing momentum surrounding a truly human interface — the voice.” — Recode is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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