The Next Evolution of

The brand has evolved.

Today we say “thank you for your service” to our globally recognizable mascot and logo of 6 years, and say hello to a new, focus group approved and socially conscious rebranding of what stands for. With the rebranding today, isn’t simply updating a logo or website design. We are also giving new life to the identity, expanding beyond the familiar silhouette of the friendly and helpful dog.

This new direction will instill the vision of the company into every aspect of its products, services, and customer relationships. But first, let’s take a moment to reflect on our origin.

When we first started out in 2015 we sought to imbue our brand identity with qualities you can trust: friendliness, loyalty, and a willingness to help. For the first time, we’re showing a glimpse into the weeks long process that went into developing the brand as we know and love today.

These explorations and many more culminated in the logo that we’re used to today. However, the time is ripe for change. After a tumultuous year where everyone spent a good portion of time stuck at home and in introspection, we felt the need to update our logo to reflect the societal changes we’ve witnessed over the past several months. Finally, we are ready to unveil the next evolution of the brand.

Introducing the new logo for 2021…

Purrrfect Exclusivity

The brand has always exuded luxury and power, and our clientele expect anything but common and ordinary. There are more dog owners in the United States than cat owners, and by rebranding to focus on the less common type of owner, we can elevate the exclusivity and experience of our brand. In addition:

  • Cats better understand personal space. When you are home from a hard day at work, you likely are not in the mood to have a dog at your heels following you around, nudging you to play fetch. Cats understand and appreciate the concept of personal space — something that takes very seriously.
  • Cats clean themselves. Dogs love stuff that smells bad — from garbage, to dead animals, to poop — and they really love to roll around in it. Cats are essentially self-cleaning machines. This is how we view our AI — self-cleaning without rolling around in poop.
  • Cats are quieter. Even the biggest dog lovers have to admit that incessant barking can get annoying. While cats certainly do make some noise, meows and purrs tend to be pretty quiet. is built to blend in and be a part of your home, not be an annoying noise maker simply to stand out.
  • Cats keep pests at bay. Cats are natural-born hunters, and will help deter rodents from coming into your home. Dogs, on the other hand, will more likely choose to make friends with and play with these invaders. Similarly, works hard to keep your home safe and secure, and can be programmed to repel unwanted pests — or in this case — unwanted visitors.

Please join us in celebrating the beginning of the next step in our evolution as a global brand and technical powerhouse. Welcome to the future of 🐱

Also, Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone out there. We hope you have enjoyed joining us for a good and light-hearted laugh.

Our logo is not changing.