Smart Lifestyles: How Empowers Every Type of Client with Home Intelligence

6 min readNov 7, 2023
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The landscape of home automation is experiencing an undeniable surge. A study by Parks Associates from April 2023 reveals an impressive statistic: 41% of U.S. households with internet now boast at least one smart home device, marking a consistent increase from a modest 14% in 2016.

At the forefront of this evolution are the technologically adept Millennials, who are not only reshaping the real estate domain with their preferences but are also demonstrating a willingness to invest — up to 20% more — in the enhanced connectivity offered by smart homes, as indicated by a May 2022 study.

Josh Nano placed sleekly above a light switch

As the generation at the forefront of the real estate market, this digitally native generation is setting a new standard. Their deep-seated familiarity with the conveniences of the Digital Age is evident in the premium they place on smart home technology — a trend that signals a future where the rise of smart homes is not just an expectation, but a certainty.

The market is ready for growth with new home buyers at the helm, but it’s not just them — there’s expanding interest from a spectrum of demographics, all seeking the convenience and innovation of the smart home. To expand your customer base, consider these key groups:

Work-from-Home Professionals

The transition to remote work has led to an enduring shift in work habits, with more people investing in their personal workspaces. Smart home systems like offer work-from-home clients unparalleled convenience, integrating seamlessly into their daily routines. According to a Harvard Business School study, companies that allow flexible work-from-anywhere arrangements see a notable increase in productivity. users can harness this efficiency by controlling their home’s environment without leaving their desks. Automated scenes can adjust lighting and shades for optimal office illumination or set light temperatures to sync with natural circadian rhythms, both of which can boost focus and efficiency, as the 4.4% productivity increase in the study suggests​.

Design-Minded Homeowners

Design-conscious homeowners often prioritize technology that complements the aesthetics of their living spaces. answers this demand with elegantly designed and discreet solutions like Josh Nano, which is just slightly larger than a quarter and eliminates unsightly “wall acne” which has been an unfortunate byproduct of the traditional smart home. Coupled with a sleek mobile app, stands at the forefront of modern control systems providing style and functionality.

Clients with Mobility Issues

Smart home technology is a game-changer for individuals with mobility challenges, transforming a “nice-to-have” into a necessity. The aging population in the U.S. is set to nearly double by 2060, and with it, the demand for accessible living options is on the rise. Simple control of connected devices with provides crucial support, enhancing independence and comfort in the home for those who will truly benefit. and its partners will play an increasingly key role in addressing the needs of this growing demographic.

Privacy-Oriented Clients

Many clients are prioritizing their personal data amid the proliferation of smart technologies. addresses these concerns with a foundation of privacy and trust, pledging to never use client information for marketing purposes or sell any user data to third parties.

Josh App Microphone View

Unlike the mass-market voice assistants,’s sole focus is on providing the best smart home experience possible. A critical component of being a premium home OS is that the actions and words spoken behind closed doors stay there. not only protects the privacy of clients and their families but continuously optimizes how their data is secured.

Elderly Clients

For clients who are aging in place, smart home technology isn’t just about convenience, it’s about enhancing quality of life. While not all may face mobility challenges, the ease of controlling lights or shades with a simple voice command or button press can add comfort and simplicity to daily routines. Smart home systems offer a seamless way to maintain independence and enjoy their homes to the fullest.

Security-Minded Families

For families prioritizing security, offers a robust solution. By integrating smart locks, door stations, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors, it provides a layered security approach. Automated smart locks can secure your home at a set time each night or after a period of no motion within the home, while door stations and cameras offer real-time visuals of your home’s surroundings.

Josh App Dashboard view with Locks, Gates, Garages and Cameras

Furthermore,’s smart lighting and shade control doubles as a security measure. Activating lights deters intruders when motion is detected and shades can maintain privacy when you’re away. Customizable scenes can also simulate occupancy when a homeowner is away for extended periods of time, further enhancing home security.

Clients with Children & Pets

For households bustling with children and pets, offers a perfect blend of oversight and autonomy. With customizable user permissions and remote access, parents can maintain control while monitoring their home’s activity. enables specific restrictions, such as preventing children from adjusting the thermostat via their microphone or app. Additionally, with instant access to surveillance cameras through the app, parents can easily check in on their little ones and furry friends anytime, anywhere, ensuring peace of mind.

Clients Committed to Reducing their Environmental Impact

Home automation platforms are not just about convenience, they can significantly reduce your carbon footprint as well. For homes with shading control, clients can regulate temperature and minimize the need for artificial lighting, slashing energy use. In winter, opening shades lets warmth in; while they block out heat during the summer, cutting utility bills by up to 30%.

The advantages extend further with a fully integrated system that harmonizes shades, lights, thermostats, smart plugs, irrigation systems, and more, all adapting responsively to the changing climate and seasons. These capabilities not only offer users precise control over their energy consumption but also empowers to make eco-friendly adjustments proactively.

Furthermore, the intuitive Josh App’s home intelligence dashboard provides quick access to deactivate any devices that may have been left on by mistake, ensuring energy conservation and cost savings are always within reach. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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