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Smart Home Design Inspiration II

Earlier this year we published a blog posted titled Smart Home Design Inspiration. At, we love great design. While there’s a lot of inspiration for interior design and architecture, there’s very little when it comes to UI/UX for the connected home. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Julia Storozhuk — Here’s a pretty interesting take on a smart thermostat controller from a product designer from Kiev. We love the simplicity and novel take on a radial color changing dial.

2. John Avent — Here’s a pretty fun animation he made for Meant to illustrate all of the things in your house you can control, it’s a fun animated way to showcase their product.

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3. FDM — Far too often we see complicated and distracting interfaces. Love how simple and restrained this one is:

4. Cuberto — Love the animations here:

5. GSD — Nice elegant take on a smart home lighting control:

6. Sean D’Auria — Nice subtle animation between states for a thermostat concept:

7. Scott Tusk — Nice clean drawing of the Highland Park Historical Society:

8. Mitre Markovski — Creative design for an IoT Smart House:

9. Okazu — Great animation for the Bluetooth connect process of an IoT device:

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This post was written by Alex at Previously, Alex was a research scientist for NASA, Sandia National Lab, and the Naval Research Lab. Before that, Alex worked at Fisker Automotive and founded At The Pool and Yeti. Alex has an engineering degree from UCLA, lives in Los Angeles, and likes to tweet about Artificial Intelligence and Design. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in getting early access to the beta, enter your email at

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