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Here at we are always looking for ways to elevate and simplify the smart home experience. Recently, we pushed out a cool new feature that is sure to enhance the atmosphere in your home.

You can now schedule commands to run in the future via a voice command. To be more specific, you can run commands to execute in seconds, minutes, and hours just by giving your Micro a simple command.

Control everything you would usually control like lights, shades, TV, and music with this intuitive new feature. The Micro is still room aware, so if you give a command to “Turn off the lights in 2 minutes,” while you’re in the living room, the command will be executed in the living room.

This also extends to Josh scenes. You can create and trigger custom scenes and schedule them to run during the day.

OK Josh, set the scene to Good Morning in an hour.

This powerful new feature gives you more control to set the tone for your home and make your life a little easier. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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