Revolutionizing Smart Home Scene Control

A prominent feature of the integrated home is, and always will be, the ability to simultaneously set the scene. No matter the time of day or occasion, your environment can be programmed to suit your exact specifications. At, we believe that everyone should have the ability to simply and intuitively create their best experience.

However, control system programming has previously been quite labor intensive. Either involving onsite work by an integrator or tedious and confusing user interfaces that leave most homeowners unsure of the buttons they are actually pressing, this interface complexity often manifests itself as a source of frustration for not only the homeowner, but also the integrator. The integrator is the one who has to provide technical support that is a drag on time, energy, and resources.

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We’ve always believed in the importance and effectiveness of using scenes in home control, and continuously look for ways to simplify the process. As the voice interface continues to permeate into mass market technology, we are able to apply it in ways that were previously not available. In general, we believe that this trend will only grow, with the intuitiveness of a voice interface simplifying traditionally challenging tasks for the end-user.

With an innovative and user friendly experience in mind, we are excited to announce that you can now create scenes using voice commands — simply tell Josh what you would like the scene to accomplish, and save it. It really is that easy!

For example, you can create a scene by telling Josh to:

“Dim the lights on the first floor 50%, draw all the shades, watch surfing videos, and listen to Kygo in the living room.”

Josh’s advanced AI will examine your statement (even with multiple device commands), figure out what you are trying to do, and automatically create the configurations required for the scene.

As with any scene in Josh, you can trigger it by adding as many unique aliases or alternate phrases as you want, such as “Party time,” or “Get the house ready to entertain.”

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