Recapping CEDIA Expo 2023: A Phenomenal Showcase 👏

5 min readSep 13, 2023


The team is so grateful to all of our industry friends who graced us with their presence at CEDIA Expo 2023 in beautiful Denver, Colorado. This year’s show was a resounding success, illustrated by a continuous stream of enthusiastic visitors flocking to our booth from the opening hours on Thursday until the final moments of Saturday. To our dealers and dedicated representatives, your unwavering support ensured an unforgettable experience for all involved!

Introducing Josh One ☝️

Josh One Hero Video

The launch of Josh One, the first AI-powered control platform, stood out among all of the buzz and excitement. Dealers came away from the show armed with an unmatched entry-level automation solution and ready to embrace as a leading platform for their businesses.

The announcements of new integrations and features, including Apple TV, Schlage Locks, Genie Garage doors, and an extensively revamped Android application resonated as welcome additions to the ecosystem.

Join us as we revisit some of the memorable events that transpired over the past week, along with a glimpse into our partner booths that added to the Expo’s vibrancy and innovation.

Josh Booth 🤝

The Demo Booth Line

The Josh Booth experienced unprecedented traffic this year, with a line that stretched around the block, attesting to the immense excitement from both, new and current dealers. Director of Sales, Ryan Conway Giving a Booth Demo

With live demonstrations scheduled every 10–15 minutes, the Josh Demo Experience welcomed thousands of Expo attendees, leaving each one brimming with excitement about the future of AI in the home. Product Displays, Josh One & Josh Micro

Join us for a webinar this Friday to learn more about everything that we launched at Expo. Our team will be covering the latest innovations from to answer all of our community’s questions.

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Josh Rep Event 🙌

The Josh Rep event drew over 100 participants from across North America, offering our network of sales partners an exclusive sneak peek at new pricing, products, and integrations set to be unveiled later in the week.

Josh VIP Event 🫶

The Josh VIP event was a resounding success, providing our dealers and reps with an opportunity to forge closer connections with our team. The event culminated with the raffling of a new Josh One, alongside the presentation of three dealer awards and one rep award to our top-performing partners in North America. Congratulations to:

Pinnacle Award — Hooked Up Installs
Chairman’s Award — NorthStar Home Technologies
Advocate of the Year- Gramophone
Rep of the Year — Orion Integrated Systems

Josh Technical Training 📝

Garrett a Technical Sales Engineer giving a technical training session

Garrett, a Technical Sales Engineer, conducted two sessions of training at our Denver HQ. These classes provided Expo attendees with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and earn technical certifications.

Josh @ The Lutron Booth 💡

The partnership between Lutron and Josh continued flourishing at CEDIA 2023. The Lutron booth showcased our collaboration with the Josh Nano Ready Wallplate, elegantly finished in luxurious Palladiom style.

Josh @ The AVA Booth 📱

Josh and AVA have deepened their partnership over the last year, with AVA playing a crucial role in bringing the Josh Remote to market.

Josh @ The Autonomic Booth 🎶

The collaboration between Josh and Autonomic was on full display at CEDIA, featuring a wall-mounted iPad showcasing the Josh App 5.0. This partnership offers users the utmost flexibility to access streaming services and local music content, while also providing professional installers with a comprehensive custom solution.

Josh @ The Black Nova Booth ⚫️

Black Nova has designed double-gang keypads for Josh Nano, offering dealers with a custom solution to fit the decor of any project. End-users are able to personalize the button layout of each keypad with the engravings that suit their lifestyle.

Josh @ The Somfy Booth ☀️

Somfy and Josh work closely together to deliver control of their exceptional shading and motorization solutions. This year, Somfy had a Josh Micro welcoming visitors to their booth while activating a demo shade to showcase our collaborative efforts.

Josh @ The Autoslide Booth 🚪

Whether you’re in search of an automatic (doggy) door or require a fully integrated voice experience for an assisted living project, Autoslide offers Josh-controlled solutions to increase accessibility in connected environments. Autoslide’s demo continues to impress at CEDIA, CES, and across the independent living landscape.

The team is immensely appreciative of the support and enthusiasm exhibited by our community, partners, and visitors at CEDIA Expo 2023. As we continue to drive innovation and redefine smart home experiences, we look forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead. Thank you for making this Expo a resounding success! is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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