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4 min readMar 28, 2023

In honor of ISC West this week, we want to take a moment to highlight how’s surveillance and access control features can provide unparalleled peace of mind in your home. Many smart home adopters get started by installing safety and access control systems, then add more to their device ecosystem as they learn more. However, it’s challenging to manage surveillance equipment along with all of the devices that contribute to home safety. Josh simplifies this process by offering innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate on one elegant interface.

The Josh platform supports a range of accessibility and surveillance devices, including door stations, cameras, and garage doors, to offer an unparalleled smart home experience. With the user-friendly Josh app, homeowners can effortlessly keep track of their property without the inconvenience of handling numerous apps or devices. Josh also goes beyond the norm with cutting-edge permissioning tools that allow heads of households to restrict access to certain users and devices.

User Roles

When setting up a home with Josh, a critical step in the process involves assigning user roles to each member of the family. This ensures that users are given the level of access that they need for smart home control, while reserving more advanced privileges for those in charge. For instance, the Head of Household role has the authority to modify their Josh system, whereas a resident-level user is only able to operate the system.

Josh App 5.0 — UI

What’s more, the user role feature goes above and beyond by enabling the Head of Household to customize certain permissions based on user level. This is especially useful when it comes to House Guests or Residents, as it allows them to access only certain scenes, devices, and areas, as specified through the Josh portal.

Device Access

Similar to controlling user access, device access enables the restriction of certain Josh microphones from controlling specific devices throughout the house. For instance, while it may be desirable for the Josh microphone in the master bedroom to access all devices in the house, the Josh microphone in the children’s bedroom may be limited to accessing only the devices within that particular room. Such precise device and area level settings provide unparalleled control over the entire Josh experience.

User Permissions in the Josh Portal


One of the most secure ways to protect your home with Josh is through the use of smart locks. Conveniently check status, lock, and unlock your doors remotely, without the need for keys or codes. Josh integrates with lock solutions through Lutron, Crestron, and Control4, ensuring compatibility with a variety of providers. By incorporating smart locks into your smart home system, you can rest assured that your property is protected at all times.


Josh pulls in the live video stream from many leading camera brands, including ICRealtime, D-Link, Axis, and Luma. Homeowners can effortlessly access all their feeds from the Josh app as a single surveillance and control platform. In doing so, eliminating the need to switch between various apps or devices for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

Door Stations

Doorbird Door Station

Door stations have become an extremely popular access control product with the market full of DIY options. For clients who seek a sophisticated and luxurious experience, a professionally installed solution like 2N or Doorbird offer an extra level of comfort. These high-end brands integrate with Josh for surveillance and motion based alerts, while boasting more premium features.

Garage Doors

Controlling, monitoring, and automating your garage doors has never been easier thanks to Josh. By leveraging Lutron, Control4, or Crestron, Josh can remotely access your garage door from anywhere and provide feedback on its status. Alleviating any concerns about forgetting to close your door when you’re away from home.

Josh App 5.0 — Control UI

The convenience doesn’t stop there thanks to the power of Josh scenes. Ensure your garage doors are always closed by incorporating them into your nightly automation routine. Go to bed resting easy knowing that Josh has closed all of your doors, locked your doors, turned off all of your devices, and more!

Feeling safe behind closed doors is paramount, and Josh is committed to fostering a safe smart home environment for your family. Through the Josh app, seamlessly access devices and surveillance while dictating permissions to various types of users. With voice, simply ask Josh to lock the front door or check if you left the garage open. From safeguarding against physical threats to preserving data privacy, the Josh team understands the importance of securing the smart home. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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