Olibra & Josh.ai Partner to Transform Control4 User Experiences

Olibra’s single hub enables installers to seamlessly integrate a variety of shade offerings with Control4 systems, expanding Josh.ai’s intuitive voice capabilities.

Josh.ai continues expanding the power of artificial intelligence in the home by strategically aligning with Olibra, makers of the Bond Bridge family of products. Focused on bringing IoT connectivity to devices that are widely used, but lack a unified and simple user experience, Bond Bridge Pro is the most awarded Wi-Fi to RF bridge connecting motorized shades, ceiling fans, and fireplaces to the smart home.

When dealers implement Bond Bridge with their Control4 systems, they can do so with confidence. Other bridges face challenges with RF range, requiring multiple devices that can produce collisions on a single RF channel that result in lost commands. By leveraging a single device, installers will save time, service calls, and reduce the overall cost of a project for their clients.

Josh Nano + Bond Bridge Pro

Once Bond Bridge is integrated with Control4 and Josh.ai, clients are empowered to use simple and private voice control throughout their living spaces. Every family member can continue personalizing their experience by adding aliases to favorite devices and creating custom scenes in the Josh app. Josh.ai’s proprietary natural language processing offers features like making multiple requests in a single command, contextually adjusting surroundings, and remembering the last device that was spoken to. For example:

“Ok Josh, raise the west blackouts, lower the solar sheers, and set the fan speed to high.”

For Josh.ai partners interested in adding Bond Bridge Pro to their projects, Olibra is offering a special promotion giving new dealers $100 off a one-time purchase. Learn more about Bond Bridge HERE and redeem your exclusive offer with the discount code: JoshPlusBOND

Learn more about Josh.ai + Control4 HERE

Steps to add Bond Bridge to Control4 + Josh.ai systems:

  1. Add devices to Bond Bridge using the Bond Home application — Directions to do so with Somfy shades can be found HERE. A programming video is also available HERE.
  2. Integrate Bond Bridge with its Control4 Driver, which is accessible via Chowmain HERE.
  3. Access the Bond Home Driver Installation and Usage Guide HERE.
  4. Once Bond is integrated with Control4, add the Josh.ai Driver to Composer. To access the Josh.ai Control4 Driver, please click HERE.
  5. Configure your Josh.ai and Control4 powered smart home — Once Josh.ai pulls in the project from Composer, the remaining configuration and customization can be done in the Josh Portal.
  6. For reference, the Josh.ai Control4 setup guide is available HERE.

Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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