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4 min readJan 17, 2023
Josh Nano

As the smart home has advanced over the years, a growing consideration and concern of consumers has been its impact on their privacy. The industry has learned that many companies in the DIY space collect and monetize user data through their connected devices. Although some retails products might be cost effective, customers are paying the price with their information whether they have given consent or not.

At, we believe in a different approach. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge technology without compromising on data privacy. By designing with security in mind, our clients are able to enjoy the benefits of smart home technology without worrying about what is said to their friends and family. We are committed to providing a safe and secure user experience in every Josh home.’s Commitment to Privacy

The privacy of our clients is a priority above all else. We understand that the data and information that we have access to is sensitive, and we take the utmost responsibility to protect it. As a Home Intelligence platform, our focus is on providing a magical experience and we pledge to never share user data for marketing or sales purposes. Unlike the mass-market voice assistants, Josh’s sole focus is on providing the best smart home experience possible.

Josh Micro

A critical component of being a premium home OS is that the actions and words spoken behind closed doors stay there. We not only protect the privacy of our clients and their families, but continuously optimize how Josh secures the data it collects. Our clients have complete control and can always adjust Josh’s settings depending on how much information they are comfortable sharing to optimize their experience.

Designing with Privacy in Mind

When designing Josh Nano, our goal was to prioritize user privacy by incorporating an easily accessible and manual feature. We achieved this by including a built-in privacy switch that allows users to physically disconnect the microphones when not in use, ensuring that their conversations remain private. For Josh Micro users, a single-tap or double-tap of its capacitive touch dial can be programmed as a quick and easy microphone mute action.

Josh Nano

The Josh app provides clients with easy access to mute any microphone across their property for added discretion. Unlike the mass market assistants that have been known to constantly listen in the background, Josh only activates when prompted by its designated wake word. If it accidentally wakes up due to something said on TV or during a conversation, Josh will stop listening and not respond to avoid any disruptions. Clients can also review their chat history in the Josh app to ensure that their conversations are kept private and make any necessary adjustments based on how they would like to refer to devices, room, or trigger scenes.

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Built for Safety, in addition to Privacy

Beyond data security, Josh integrates with various industry-leading door locks, surveillance cameras, and access control stations, to ensure that your physical safety and security are also taken into account. We understand that physical security is just as important as data security when it comes to your peace of mind. That is why Josh is constantly exploring ways to make its access control features more intelligent and robust with key integration partners.

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At Josh, we believe that trust and responsibility help make a house a home. We understand the importance of protecting personal data, and we engineer our products to continuously enhance those protections. When investing in your home’s security, trust Josh to elevate your experience and to respect your private moments. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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