Must Watch — Xspot & Installation Video

Xspot sets the foundation for optimal Josh Nano and Josh Micro placement in every area of the smart home.

With its first Josh Nano deliveries en route, is excited to debut a unique educational video produced by Xspot that details the lifecycle of a new construction project. Dealers now have a resource to help their teams and clients visualize the installation process from start to finish. Thanks to the Xspot and partnership, it has never been as seamless to deploy a project with technology that is designed to disappear.

Josh Nano has been purpose-built to integrate into its surroundings and with Xspot, seamlessly blends into the background of the world’s most luxurious properties. Measuring only 0.1 inches thin and 1.6 inches in diameter, Josh Nano is installed flush on a wall for an impeccably discreet voice experience. Josh Nano also can be covered with a square or circular paintable cover, which practically makes it invisible for discerning clientele.

As an authorized reseller of Xspot products, is proud to provide its dealers with all of the tools and resources to ensure their projects are a success. Bundle your Josh Nano, Josh Core, and Xspot order today!

About Xspot Products

Xspot Products is an Arizona based company with offices in downtown Phoenix. Xspot first came to the market at the 2007 CEDIA Expo. Since then, Xspot has grown from residential production and custom homes to commercial and residential Luxury MDUs, putting Xspot in some of the finest luxury homes and condos in the world. The simplicity in design, accuracy in use, ensures a consistent outcome in every install. Xspot is now a standard specified into entire buildings as part of the infrastructure backbone and design.

Please contact us at or is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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