Meet the Team: Nate Jones

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1. Name: Nate Jones.

2. What do you do at Josh: Have worked on all parts of the stack — front end web, backend Josh, cloud infrastructure.

3. Where are you from: Upstate New York, school at Cornell.

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Showing off the new tattoo 👍

4. Which office do you work in: Denver

5. What do you love about the smart home: I’ve outfitted my apartment with smart lighting, switches, AV equipment and Sonos. I love creating custom scenes on Josh that get my apartment ready for socializing, getting work done, or watching movies.

6. What are you most excited about over the next few years: Josh is starting to look at what I do on a daily basis and understand my habits. I’m excited to get smart recommendations from Josh not only based on when I normally do things, but also what type of content I usually enjoy for music, tv, and movies.

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7. iPhone or Android: iPhone

8. What do you do for fun: Ski, movies, poker, breweries.

9. If you could go anywhere, where would it be: Travel around Western Europe — I spent a few weeks there in high school, but it’s about time to go again.

10. Favorite restaurant: I went once to Rasika ( in DC — it was amazing.

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11. Favorite IoT / smart home product: Lutron Caséta.

12. What is your favorite feature of Josh: Josh is great at voice through our custom language processing engine, but I love having the option of controlling everything through the web, iPhone, and iPad dashboards.

13. Favorite books / reading material / websites: Beyond plenty of programming-related reading, I like to read world and political news.

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