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Here at, we’re frequently asked for a rundown of what Josh is and how our technology distinguishes itself. For interested homeowners, as well as our authorized partners pitching to their clientele, we’ve highlighted a few key features to let you know what the Josh experience is all about!

Josh is the only control system with a voice assistant purpose-built for home control. Simply have a conversation with your home — there’s no need to memorize commands. Josh lets you speak more naturally, using exclusive AI advanced functionality, such as compound commands. Josh evolves based on your interactions, providing the most intuitive experience possible.

Josh is exclusively sold through certified installers who are trained to properly install and support Josh. Authorized partners will design the system around your needs to create a truly custom experience. Josh Micro can be wall mounted or installed on a tabletop to be positioned for optimal performance.

Designed specifically for luxury homes, the Josh app brings together all of your connected devices onto one intuitive interface that’s operable via touch, text, voice, or “smart recommendations.” Josh can also proactively suggest actions for you, by learning and understanding your living patterns. The Josh app is simple and dynamic, providing accessibility while you’re away from home to check the status of your devices and view camera streams.

Josh knows where you are when you give a voice command. If there’s a Micro in a room, commands like “turn on the lights” or “open the shades” will be localized to that room. It’s hard to remember the names of all your rooms and it’s annoying to say “turn the kitchen lights on” when you’re already in the kitchen. This simple feature makes a world of difference in creating a natural experience.

Josh is built for the future. Thanks to regular over-the-air software updates, Josh keeps getting smarter to offer cutting edge functionality. Whether it’s recommendations around your living patterns or alerts due to security vulnerabilities, Josh is advancing every aspect of the smart home.

Your Josh system is tailored to your unique needs. You can edit Josh’s personality with a variety of voices, accents, and even responses to your commands. No matter which family member is talking to Josh, it understands any number of nicknames for devices, rooms, and scenes.

Rest assured that the conversations within your home remain private. Micro only listens for its name, “OK Josh,” and once woken up it displays a rainbow animation to communicate that you’re being heard. Josh is the only home control system that offers tools to manage how much of your data is used to ensure your privacy is secure. You won’t be sold anything or have your data marketed to third parties, our only concern is creating your best smart home experience.

Josh Micro is designed to complement and blend in with the decor of any luxury space, available in Carrera White or Onyx Black. The far-field microphone array utilizes beamforming technology to detect where the voice is coming from directionally. Josh Micro features a capacitive LED touch dial for custom device configuration per room and intuitive manual control. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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