Josh Introduces Enhanced Lutron Integration

Josh is excited to announce the next steps in our relationship with Lutron by adding to their ecosystem of control. In addition to already supporting Lutron’s Homeworks QS, Illumination and Radio Ra2 systems, Josh is now releasing integration with the Caseta Smart Bridge Pro and Ra2 Select Bridges.

Josh natively voice controls Lutron Shades

The new Josh/Lutron compatibility is focused on complying with enhanced security standards leveraging Lutron’s most secure interface. These new integrations are designed to give homeowners seamless control of their automated shades and lights using Josh’s interfaces. Similar to the currently supported Lutron products, users can simply say, “Okay Josh open the shades halfway and dim the lights 75%.” This will provide our joint customer base the ultimate home automation experience by adding convenience to active their entire home with a single voice command.


To connect Josh to the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro or Lutron Ra2 Select, you must enable Telnet support.

  1. Select the settings icon in the top left corner of the app.
Open the Lutron App and navigate to the settings icon.

2. Select “Advanced” → “Integration” → turn on “Telnet Support”.

Toggle Telnet Support to “On.”

3. Physically press the button on the back of the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro or Lutron Ra2 Select Main Repeater. After pressing the button, devices will automatically be discovered by Josh and start auto-populating to create rooms in our portal.

The Josh Portal shows the Lutron devices as they auto-discover

Josh and the Lutron devices are constantly communicating, therefore, if you add/remove devices in the Lutron app, these changes will be reflected automatically in Josh.

Once Lutron has pulled all of the information about your home, you can go ahead and start controlling your devices with hands-free voice control! Give a couple commands like: “Okay Josh, turn on the first floor lights and raise the blinds.”

For more information on Josh and how to set it up, visit or email us at

Kevin is our lead Lutron engineer, who is a key contributor to device integration and backend development. He received a bachelors in Physics and a masters in Electrical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. Outside of work Kevin likes to brew beer, play guitar and hike. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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