’s Top 10 Commands of 2023

6 min readJan 2, 2024

After another year of impressive growth, is delivering on its promises to empower clients with unmatched convenience and sophistication in their connected living spaces. Thanks to the launch of JoshGPT, a groundbreaking large language model with access to trillions of data points, has doubled down on its role as a home control system and intelligent assistant. Its surging client engagement is a testament to’s commitment to delivering a reliable, intuitive, and accessible home intelligence experience for every member of the family.

To celebrate, has compiled the Top 10 Voice Commands of 2023. The results highlight the most popular activations in custom homes, while providing an excellent starting point when introducing users to voice control and making sure homeowners find daily utility in their system. The following 10 commands represent a foundation and a reminder that the most common requests are easy to say. When it comes to voice commands, it is important to keep it simple!

It is worth noting that the top commands do not specify a location like a kitchen or living room. That is because is room aware, so instead of having to say, “turn on the lights in the living room,” for example, homeowners learn quickly they only need to say, “turn on the lights!”

To help shed light on where homeowners find the most value and success with professionally installed AI, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Voice Commands from 2023!

Note: The results below are compiled from systems that have voluntarily participated in anonymous command sharing and do not represent the entire user base. At, privacy and security are of the utmost importance. These results are a mere aggregation of the most common commands among participating users, gathered anonymously.

10Kicking off our list is “Watch Netflix,” which outshines every other streaming service for the second consecutive year. In fact, no other service even made it into our top 10 commands in 2023. This dominance highlights Netflix’s status as the undisputed leader among streaming TV providers.

9 For the first time, “I’m Home” has made it into our top 10. This command is a favorite among Josh users, offering a convenient way to activate their home when they return from work, shopping, or any other activity. It is especially useful when a customer’s hands are full with groceries and voice is the most efficient way to welcome them home. To see this scene in action, check out this entertaining video HERE.

8 Another newcomer to the top 10 ranking this year is “Goodbye.” This scene pairs perfectly with the “I’m Home,” serving as its bookend. “Goodbye” is commonly used when leaving the house for work or to run errands. This command typically consists of locking doors, closing shades, turning off lights, and more. It is a fantastic scene for clients to ensure their home is secure and can be easily customized to suit their preferences!

7 The “Turn on/off the fan” command has climbed a slot further up our list since last year, now ranking seventh vs eighth. Reflecting a growing interest in environmental control and more fan integrations, installers are evidently taking advantage of the company’s partnerships and adding fans to systems for seamless user experiences.

6A consistent command in our top 10, “Turn off the Music” is a popular request across systems. This straightforward command is particularly effective for adjusting the mood or marking the end of the day. It is recommended to have this command readily available in one’s communication repertoire.

5The “Good Morning” command ranks as our second most favored scene this year, often utilized to engage various systems and elements in a residence to curate a pleasant morning ritual. Commonly used devices include lighting, shades, thermostats, and music to initiate a vibrant and energizing setting for the beginning of the day.

4Over the last year, the number of commands to open and close shades became increasingly prevalent. This rise highlights how essential shading is in managing daylight access, resource management, and setting the perfect ambiance. For those with adjustable blinds, the ability to specify tilt settings, such as “Set shade tilt to 50%,” offers precise control of the amount of light entering a space, providing both convenience and comfort for the user. As a longstanding feature of the Josh ecosystem, the popularity of shade control, now ranking fourth, clearly reflects its value to users.

3The “Goodnight” command is our most popular scene for a consecutive year and plays a crucial role in shutting down the house at the end of each day. This activation typically deactivates all devices at bedtime, turning off TVs, lights, lowering shades, locking doors, and closing garage doors. Its widespread adoption and functionality makes it an indispensable asset for every home.

2 Cementing its status as our second most frequent request, “Turn on / off the TV” lands in the same position that it did in 2022. With the increasing use of smart TVs and streaming services, as well as the ubiquity of TVs in occupied rooms, it is no surprise that these commands are among the most popular. Interestingly, the command to “Turn off the TV” prevailed in prevalence, suggesting that voice control remains a popular method for users to easily turn off their devices.

1The top command of the year and undisputed champion once again is voice-activated lighting control. The overwhelming popularity is hardly unexpected, given that connected lighting is in nearly every room! Turning on and off lights with voice emphasizes how hands-free control benefits accessibility, offering a seamless and location-aware interface that is more user-friendly than traditional devices like keypads or dimmer switches.

That wraps up our most popular voice commands of 2023 from professionally installed smart homes! It is exciting to imagine what is to come and how voice interactions will advance in 2024. Who knows, perhaps we will even see a few assistant-oriented JoshGPT commands climb up the rankings! Happy New Year from the team! is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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