— What’s Happening with Nest?

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On May 7, 2019, Google announced that it is merging its Google Home and Nest brands under a new, single, smart home brand — Google Nest. As part of this new era for Nest, Google also announced that users will be asked to migrate their accounts from Nest to Google and that it will be ending the Works With Nest program.

Mark your Calendars

On August 31,2019, Google announced that they will begin restricting access to the Works with Nest (WWN) program.

For Josh users with existing Nest devices, you’ll still be able to continue to work with your Nest Account after August 31st, however you won’t have access to new features that will be available with what is now the Works with Google Assistant program.

We recommend that you do not migrate to a Google account if you wish to continue to keep your Nest devices connected to Josh. You should also be careful not to accidentally remove your Nest devices from your Josh account because, again, after August 31st you will no longer be able to reconnect your Nest devices to Josh.

For Josh users looking to authorize Nest devices, you will no longer be able to set up those devices after August 31st. This means that Josh will also stop support for adding new Nest devices to Josh installs.

If your interested in reading more about the details, click here.

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What to do now?

Josh works with hundreds of devices and several partners to provide our customers with a luxurious smart home experience. If you intend on switching thermostats, we highly recommend the Ecobee line of thermostats, specifically:

  • Ecobee3
  • Ecobee3 Lite
  • Ecobee4

To learn more about these thermostats, please click here.

If you are looking to switch cameras as well, we recommend any line of cameras from the following companies:

To read more about this and what the discontinuation of the Works with Nest program will mean for Nest cameras, click here.

Committed to our Customers

Here at Josh we make it a priority to give our customer’s the best smart home experience. That said, we understand that this is a very unfortunate event and so if there’s a line of thermostats or cameras that we don’t yet work with and you would like to see, please reach out to us and let us know at

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