Reinvents the Smart Home, Again

After more than seven years of introducing cutting edge innovation and thought leadership to the custom integration channel, has pushed home technology forward once more. The announcement of Josh Sentinel brings with it a full-featured and transformative user experience that will set the standard for safety, security, and surveillance in luxury living spaces going forward.

The team has pivoted in a new direction with Josh Sentinel to showcase its biggest vision for the smart home yet. While the company has proven that technology can seamlessly blend into its surroundings, with a focus on architectural integration and interior design aesthetics, it was time to make a statement in the boldest way possible. has evolved and based on exhaustive research, is ready to unleash technology that is seen, appreciated, and respected. Years of being sequestered at home has altered the perception of how technology can automate our connected day-to-day activities. Josh Sentinel enables users to let go of control, empowering the AI to penetrate and truly take over our lives. A few noteworthy and revolutionary Josh Sentinel features include:

  • Powered via a wall outlet. You do not need to be concerned about running out of batteries. Josh Sentinel is plug and play!
  • WiFi operable. Professional installers can rejoice now that you do not need to worry about running POE cables in any areas of a home.
Josh Sentinel offers easy setup and readily connected control!
  • Impressively large to make the right statement. Clients can now fill the extra room in their living spaces while wowing friends with a centerpiece befitting of luxury, sophistication, and elegant automation technology.
  • 5 glorious bespoke colors. Make a statement with Josh Sentinel’s custom vomit green, swamp brown, mucus yellow, abyss gray, or hot pink finishes.
A color palette reflective of Josh Sentinel’s awe inspiring capabilities
  • Childcare mode. Josh Sentinel doubles as a nanny, removing the need for exorbitant costs paid to human caretakers. Your little ones will be taught morals, good behavior, and have their bedtime adjusted and food restricted if they act like spoiled brats.
Childcare has never been as robust or all-knowing
  • Personal product tracking, shopping, and automatic ordering. Josh Sentinel leverages advanced AI algorithms to determine what goods and services users need in their lives. Even the most useless items can bring value, you just do not know it yet.
Pure bliss courtesy of Josh Sentinel’s curated shopping expertise
  • Non-stop camera surveillance and activity monitoring. Josh Sentinel sees everything when you are sleeping and awake, like Santa. It will scold users when they are doing something wrong to avoid anyone landing on a naughty list. For example, Josh Sentinel will help users reach their fitness goals by guilting them if they eat too much and yelling incessantly to provide encouragement when they are not working out enough.
Tireless monitoring for the connected user
  • Personal information storage and a proprietary Big Brother button. Research has shown that people with more secrets suffer from increased anxiety and unhappiness. Therefore, Josh Sentinel offers a wellness feature that puts everything out in the open — your passwords, credit cards, social security number, etc. Never worry about memorizing, and then forgetting, this information again. Simply push the Big Brother button and Josh Sentinel will announce a courtesy reminder.
Live freely and without human redundancy (friends) with Josh Sentinel
  • Instant Replay mode. Josh Sentinel is the home AI and ally every user needs. It will take your side in any argument and play back the important parts of a dispute to show that you were right (even if you were not).
The wingman, wingwoman, or wing-AI you need

To be great innovators, understands it must know what its clientele needs, even if they do not realize it. Josh Sentinel accomplishes this mission — and it will change the way people live with technology for the better, whether they like it or not. Please join us in celebrating the next step in our evolution as a global brand and technical powerhouse.

Learn more about Josh Sentinel along with all of’s other exciting updates on this Friday’s special Power Hour session at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Register here!

Also, Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone out there. We hope you have enjoyed joining us for a good and light-hearted laugh.

Our product is not getting bigger, less secure, or evolving into anything like Josh Sentinel.




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