Partners with Crestron on Official Pyng Integration is excited to announce expanded support for Crestron devices. While Josh provides intuitive voice control and an elegant array of interfaces, partnering with Crestron truly enables the most complete user experience. Thanks to Crestron’s ability to limitlessly program automation and control any device, our partnership provides homeowners unmatched customization. In addition to the SIMPL Windows integration, Josh now officially supports 1.0 and 2.0 Pyng hubs, including lights, shades, thermostats and scenes.

Pyng support is designed to make integrating Josh even easier — home technology professionals simply authorize the Hub and Josh will do the rest. Once enabled, users can control these devices naturally using voice, with commands such as, “Okay Josh, set the thermostat to 71 degrees.” Our Pyng integration enables Crestron devices to be setup in the home much faster by leveraging Crestron’s software on an iPad (or web browser) without designing a complete SIMPL Windows program and integrating the Josh modules.


Make sure your Crestron Pyng Hub is up-to-date (with a minimum firmware version of 1.010.0085).

Open the Crestron Pyng iPad app and navigate to the Setup screen (Home > Menu > Settings > Configure System). If you do not have access to an iPad, you can use a browser to connect to the Pyng Hub’s IP address (Flash is required).

From the Setup screen, navigate to the User Settings screen, tap on Advanced Configuration and enter the appropriate password to be granted access to Installer settings.

Tap the gear icon again in the bottom right corner, then tap on Web API Settings. There you should see an Authentication Token. Copy or write down the Authentication Token.

Once you have the token, go to the Josh portal and

  1. Click on your name at the top right to show the dropdown menu and choose AUTH DEVICES
  2. Choose CRESTRON PYNG HUB from the left menu
  3. Click on AUTHORIZE on the Pyng Hub tile

Josh is constantly checking for updates from the Pyng Hub, so if you change things in Pyng they will quickly be reflected in Josh. Do not worry, you can still alias devices and rooms in Josh without affecting your Pyng Hub setup. To learn more about optimizing your smart home for voice, check out our previous post on optimizing your home for voice control for some helpful tips. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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