— Meet the Team: Tyler

Name: Tyler

What do you do at Josh? Territory Sales Manager — West

Where are you from originally? DFW, Texas

Which office do you work in? Denver (or whatever market I’m hanging out in)

What do you love about the smart home? The technology inside of our homes is often the center of where the best moments happen. We make memories entertaining, watching movies, listening to music, etc… As homes have become smarter and smarter, the unique ways that we interact with the technology in it has become more accessible and more creative over the years. It’s wild to think that we are living (and creating) the moments that were dreamt about in movies just a short time ago!

What are you most excited about over the next few years? Coming to Josh was a huge change for me, and I’m extremely excited to see what this next chapter in my career will entail!

iPhone or Android? iPhone all day.

What do you do for fun? Guitar, Concerts (total metalhead here), video games, playing ball with my pups, and finding the best local food wherever I am.

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Ireland. My wife and I have dreamt of doing this for years and hope to finally make it happen!

Favorite restaurant in the world? Mi Cocina in the DFW area. The food is fantastic, but it also holds a ton of sentimental value for me!

Favorite IoT / smart home product? Aside from Josh?! I have worked with many incredible smart home products and platforms over my time in the industry… If I had to pick another, I’d have to say Sonos! It completely revolutionized home audio, made distributed audio more accessible to the masses, and laid an awesome foundation for how we interact with music throughout our homes!

What is your favorite feature of Josh? The natural language scene editor. I’ve toyed with most other control systems and was certified in a few others. It’s unbelievable how fast and easy it is to create what are traditionally extremely complex conditional scenes. Understanding this unique offering is when it really “clicked” for me, and I think it is the coolest feature of our platform!

Favorite books/reading material/websites? So much good content out there. Some books that have stood out to me would be Ninja Future by Gary Shapiro, Make Big Happen by Mark Moses, and Dark Days by Randy Blythe. I like keeping up with CEPro and Commercial Integrator for magazines/websites. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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