— Meet the Team: James

2 min readApr 18


Name: James

What do you do at Josh? Product Designer

Where are you from originally? St. Louis, Missouri

Which office do you work in? Denver, Colorado

What do you love about the smart home? I love being able to curate the home experience you want. There are so many different options for smart home technology and Josh allows you to make it feel like yours.

What are you most excited about over the next few years? I’m excited to see where AI can start to influence the wider world of art and design and how that will change the physical spaces we exist in.

iPhone or Android? I’m bought in with Apple all the way.

What do you do for fun? Play music, photography, and exploring the Colorado mountains with my girlfriend and our pug Joni.

If you could go anywhere, where would it be? The Forest Moon of Endor.

Favorite restaurant in the world? Cochon in New Orleans, Louisiana

Favorite IoT / smart home product? I love my Sonos system. It’s on non-stop when I’m around the house.

What is your favorite feature of Josh? The ability to give multiple commands simultaneously is a great feature and keep up with the dozens of things usually going through my brain at once.

Favorite books / reading material / websites? Currently reading Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino. I always like staying up on the latest art mags like Juxtapoz or Interview Magazine. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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