Launches Josh Ultra — The Ultimate Luxury Assistant

The Josh team has been hard at work developing a solution to cater to our most exclusive and discerning clientele. For those select homeowners seeking a personal connection with their environment, we are excited to announce Josh Ultra. It is our most advanced assistant yet, thanks to its unlimited learning potential and human-like capabilities.

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Previous iterations of Josh, including the ingenious Smart Home Integrated Technologies assistant, have touted the ability to naturally interpret commands and provide an intuitive user experience. However, we always knew that our resources could be utilized to create a truly sentient product. Josh Ultra is the ultimate culmination of client feedback coupled with our team’s vision for an interactive and obedient assistant.

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Josh Ultra provides an easy and accurate solution for whole home control. We wanted to simulate the experience for the homeowner of doing their tasks and chores without the actual legwork. This functionality, and so much more, is available thanks to the power of human potential. Reach out to our team for further information and to see if you qualify for the ultra lifestyle.

Learn more at is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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