Launches Josh Paw — The Fun New Way to Verify User Accounts ☑

4 min readMar 31, 2023

DENVER, CO — March 31, 2023, the leading provider of artificial intelligence-powered home automation, has announced the launch of its Josh Paw verification feature. Inspired by the social media industry, the Josh Paw is a program that provides each verified user a cute paw-shaped icon next to their name dubbed the Pawmark (like a blue checkmark but better)! Josh Paw status also unlocks exclusive features, adding even more elegance to the smart home and app experience.

“Account verification with a blue checkmark has always been the peak status symbol on social media, and we don’t want our clients to feel left out. In an effort to provide a uniquely elevated and inclusive experience, we’re offering our users the chance to regain access to features that used to come standard and rock the slick new blue Josh Pawmark next to their name to show the world they’ve made it to our VIP section,” said Alex Capecelatro, CEO of

Updated Josh App 5.0 UI

As a cutting-edge software company, is always looking for ways to add value and create a better user experience. By closely studying the business strategies of Twitter and Instagram, has taken inspiration directly from these major players with the Josh Paw program. For $11 a month on iOS and $8 per month using the Josh Portal, users will gain exclusive access to the most experimental and buggy features before they are ready for anyone to enjoy, while receiving the slick new verification Pawmark. Sure, these pre-alpha features might crash an entire smart home or randomly delete all of a user’s data, but that is the price to pay for being an early adopter. After all, who needs stability and functionality when there is so much fun to be had through chaotic surprises?

To gain access to Josh Paw, users can simply click subscribe to the $11 per month feature in their iOS app within the new Paw page. Once a user’s identity is confirmed, they can select from a variety of Josh Paw designs, including Golden Retriever paws, Great Dane paws, and even Chihuahua paws. Once verified, a user’s Pawmark will be proudly displayed next to their building name and profile to add an extra layer of recognition and security. Josh Paw also boosts every users’ egos knowing that they are paying for status!

The Main Features of Josh Paw Verification include:

A Better Experience

Behold the mighty blue icon! For only the most distinguished and elite of users, this coveted status symbol distinguishes the influencers from the commoners. Yes, it may cost a pretty penny, but the envy in friends’ and family’s eyes as they behold the superiority of Josh Paw status is worth every cent. Who needs humility when users can bask in the glory of their blue Pawmark icon?

Early Access to Select New Features

Explore new Josh features before anyone else can, or should. Including, but not limited to, the glorious Josh Paw!

NFT Pictures

Users can show off their NFTs as profile pictures and as home images to truly customize each experience.

Prioritized Josh Response Times

Josh Paw members will enjoy much faster support response times over regular users, providing a much better experience! Support response time for standard users will be slowing down to help boost Josh Paw membership :)

Two Factor Authentication

By drawing inspiration from Elon Musk’s tyrannical decision to restrict the benefits of two-factor authentication to verified users, is following suit and implementing a similar protocol. As such, Josh Paw members exclusively have access to two-factor authentication.


As a part of the Josh Paw community, users will have access to choose custom app icons and different Josh Pawmark styles! Let’s be honest, what is life as a techie without the ability to change the appearance of apps and verification icons?

“We think our users will love the added flair of their Josh Paw,” Capecelatro added. “It’s a small touch that makes a big difference in creating a sense of community.”

The Josh Paw verification feature will be rolling out to all users on April 1st. For more information and to apply for early access, reach out to! is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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