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Here at, we’ve always been fascinated in how technology can change your life. Josh Micro, for example, was designed and built specifically to enable people to live and engage with their homes in ways not thought possible. To that end, we are happy to introduce our new Imagine More … campaign, which invites you to think about technology, and get inspired about ways it could change your everyday life at home and beyond.

We invite you to Imagine More … Simplicity

Technology in the home is a wonderful thing, but sometimes we find that it actually can make simple tasks more complicated. We believe technology should do just the opposite — it should help to simplify complicated tasks in an easy and straight-forward way.

Don’t Think, Just Do

We all know that more and more devices are becoming connected, which allows us to control them remotely or from anywhere in the home. Say, for example, you have Sonos that controls your music, Lutron that controls your lighting and shades, a Sony TV, and a connected door lock. You can certainly open each individual app when you want to control each one, but that would get tiresome eventually.

This is where a control system, such as Josh, can simplify things greatly. Check out the video below that CEO Alex filmed showing how technology can actually simplify your experience at home.

Creating the Perfect Ambiance

You can also use control systems in your home to create scenes, that control multiple things at once with just the push of a button or simple voice trigger. If you watched the video above, you may have noticed Alex ask for an AV demo, which was done using a scene. Other connected technologies, such as motion sensors, can be set so that they trigger other devices in the home to engage.

If the technology is set up the right way, you can simply walk around your home and have the home respond to you based on things like time of day, type of action, and the weather outside.

Again, control systems here can act as a powerful tool to orchestrate all the devices to work like magic. Specifically, Josh has an easy to use natural language scene builder, where you can speak or type in the voice commands to say exactly what you want to do. Technology, in this case, can make your experience simple.

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A screenshot of’s easy-to-use scene builder

There are many more ways that technology in the home has pushed forward the experience of simplicity. As more and more devices get connected, and as awareness for the smart home continues to rise, the demand for an easy way to use everything will require simplicity to be a critical feature. If products can’t keep up with that demand, they will surely have a problem staying relevant and useful.

After you read this one, check out the other ways we invite you to Imagine More …. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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