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Here at, we’ve always been fascinated by how technology can change your life. Josh Micro, for example, was designed and built specifically to enable people to live and engage with their homes in ways not thought possible. To that end, we are happy to introduce our new Imagine More … campaign, which invites you to think about technology and get inspired about ways it could change your everyday life at home and beyond.

We invite you to Imagine More …. Security

A home is your sanctuary, a place for you to always feel comfortable and secure. It is your safe space where everyone should have peace of mind. With Josh, rest assured that you will be able to take that security to the next level.


Josh works with a number of different security cameras that may already be around your home. IC Realtime, D-Link, Axis, and SnapAV are just a few of the key brands that Josh integrates with and we are always on the lookout for more providers to support our clients. Once pulled into Josh, homeowners can view all of their live camera feeds in the Josh app. Instead of toggling between apps or having to go to a computer, the Josh app consolidates all of your smart devices for a more intuitive user experience.

It is common to see surveillance cameras set up as an input source for TVs as well. This allows clients to view specific cameras on a larger display and enables smart automations to be programmed when motion or access control status changes are detected. Since Josh also integrates with your AV devices, it can initiate your media environment to switch inputs to the live feed of a particular camera. Simply ask, “Ok Josh, turn on the front patio camera” to view what is going on any applicable TV throughout your home. While you can keep an eye on your property with surveillance cameras, adding Josh into the mix will make your home monitoring truly intelligent.

The Biggest Door in any Home

Josh integrates with door stations, door locks, and takes its access control a step further by integrating with garage doors as well. One of the most overlooked devices in any home, clients often forget if they left a garage door open or closed. If a garage is attached to your house it is very easy to pull your car in, go inside, and simply forget to close the door.

Josh works with Lutron and Garageio to monitor as well as automate your garage doors. Whether you are inside your home or leave and forget to close your garage door, you can easily check the Josh app and close it from anywhere. Clients can even take their security a step further and create a Josh scene to make sure that their garage doors are closed as part of a nightly automation. Features like this are just another way Josh is keeping your home secure and providing you with the tools to create the ideal smart home experience.

You should always feel safe at home and Josh is doing its part to ensure you feel as secure as possible. The Josh app is the best place to check all of your access control and surveillance systems in one place, and it even makes recommendations based on behavior. For example, if your garage door has been left open, you will see a status notification inside the Josh app asking if you would like to close it. Between physical security and data privacy, the Josh team is doing everything we can to make sure your home is secure. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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