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Here at, we’ve always been fascinated in how technology can change your life. Josh Micro, for example, was designed and built specifically to enable people to live and engage with their homes in ways not thought possible. To that end, we are happy to introduce our new Imagine More … campaign, which invites you to think about technology, and get inspired about ways it could change your everyday life at home and beyond.

We invite you to Imagine More …. Peace

Technology in the home can actually help you to relax more and give you a more serene situation if you take advantage of what is has to offer.


Most people think of music as an integral part of their lives but they may not even really know how that music affects them. Studies have shown that listening to a slower tempo can quiet the mind and even relax muscles. Studies have also shown in the same way upbeat music can make you feel more positive and optimistic about life. Music is something that has a much stronger effect than people realize.

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Setting up music players throughout your house can be the perfect way to relax anytime, anywhere in the home. Take Sonos, for example. They offer an extremely wide range of products that flawlessly integrate with Josh. There is nothing better than asking for music and having it flow out of the ceiling or walls of your house.


Utilizing smart technology to improve wellness can certainly help you discover more peace in your day to day life. There are many different products that can help improve your overall wellness. One such company, for example, is Ketra. Ketra is the most advanced lighting system in the world and it integrates seamlessly into Josh.

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Ketra aims to personalize the lightning experience to the user as well as bring natural light indoors. Ketra can replicate natural sunlight or firelight, which are the most basic and natural forms of light. It has also been proven that red light in the evening can help boost mental health. This is due to the fact that red light in the evening helps increase the secretion of melatonin which leads to better sleep at night. Better sleep at night leads to improved cognition and overall mental wellbeing.


Peace-of-mind in your own home is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy and comfortable life. Being able to check if your doors are locked, if the garage is closed, or even who is at your front door, from anywhere, can give a boost to this much needed feeling.

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As technology progresses, and more and more devices become connected, you have more and more options to help get some peace-of-mind. Door stations, for example, are on such technology that makes it easy. As a platform, integrates with a number of door stations, including DoorBird. By integrating DoorBird door stations, you can have an even higher level of peace-of-mind at home. You can easily check and see who is at your front door and even talk to them from anywhere, as long as you have your smartphone. Safety is so important to living a happy life and technology, such as door stations, can significantly increase the peace in your life by giving you that extra sense of security.

Technology could be increasingly causing more stress and anxiety in our lives. However, if used properly, the same technology can actually give us much more peace. Peace-of-mind and wellness are just some early ideas of how integrating this new smart technology can significantly bring more peace into your life. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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