Event Recap - February 2024 😎

4 min readMar 12, 2024

February was a big month for First was the successful unveiling of numerous new products and features at the Winter Launch Event, including Josh Touchscreen, Nimble DevSuite, the Josh experience on AVA Cinema Remote, and more!

In the weeks following the event, the Josh team attended both, Lightapalooza and IBS. At these events, Josh was prominently featured on both show floors and highlighted in various showcase homes. Take a moment to catch up on a busy month at Josh!

IBS 2024

Cavco Tiny Homes showcasing Josh

Cavco Tiny Homes

IBS was a huge event for Josh this year, as it was prominently featured in three different tiny homes located outside of the show. These tiny homes, constructed by Cavco, provided diverse environments to showcase Josh’s versatility for builders seeking good, better, and best solutions.

The first tiny home demonstrated the pinnacle of integration with Lutron’s Homeworks and Ketra lighting, paired with Josh Nano and Josh Core to offer a luxury living experience. This environment demonstrated the pinnacle of sophistication and functionality, illustrating the synergies between Josh and Lutron’s premium design-focused solutions.

Moving on to the second tiny home, Josh was integrated with Lutron’s RA3 offering, showcasing an intermediate lighting solution fit for the majority of clients. This demo emphasized the adaptability of Josh to cater to different preferences and needs, ensuring a scalable and user-friendly experience in a variety of home environments.

The third tiny home featured Josh alongside Lutron’s Caseta line, which provides a foot in door for customers seeking entry-level systems. This exhibit demonstrated the accessibility and affordability of incorporating Josh into every project, making it an ideal choice for those entering the world of home automation.

Josh in the New American Home

The New American Home

Josh was a proud sponsor of The New American Home, which also included Lutron’s Josh-Ready Faceplate in multiple rooms to offer elegant design and functionality. The property boasted the latest and greatest in home technology, as well as premium materials and design features. To learn more about the New American Home, head over to their site HERE.

Hearth & Home Booth

Josh Micro in the Hearth & Home Booth

Josh was prominently displayed at the Hearth & Home booth during this year’s IBS, proudly showcasing one of our newest partnerships. This particular integration was recently released with the roll out of Josh’s Nimble DevSuite.

Within the immersive environment of the Hearth & Home booth, attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand how Josh seamlessly controls best-in-class connected fireplaces.

Lightapalooza 2024

This year marked Josh’s second appearance at Lightapalooza. Josh teamed up with Somfy to co-host a booth where attendees not only got to witness the power of modern smart home control in action, but also had the chance to explore the entire range of Josh products up close. The star of the show was the Josh App, which was demonstrated by the Josh sales team to show how easy and customizable lighting experiences can be throughout the smart home. It was a hands-on and eye-opening experience that left a lasting impression on everyone who stopped by. Winter Launch Event

The 2024 Winter Launch Event unveiled a suite of new natural voices, the AVA Cinema Remote experience, elegant app enhancements, the first Josh Touchscreen product, and introduced Nimble DevSuite with a host of new integration partners to expand Josh’s control ecosystem.

To learn more, read our press release here.

Following the Winter Launch Event, we also revealed Josh Edge, a new category of product that combines the simplicity of a hard-button TV remote, convenient in-room device control, and near-field voice assistance in a beautiful package.

To learn more, read our press release here. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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