Enhances Crestron SIMPL Integration

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Image for post is excited to strengthen its integration and partnership with Crestron systems by releasing overhauled SIMPL/SIMPL+ modules. This update is aimed at reducing programming complexity, boosting reliability, and adding robust integration features. It also paves the way for the upcoming SWAMP and AV Room module releases.

The SIMPL module is currently the method of choice for most installs, however SIMPL+ is also available for highly custom jobs. Signals are better-organized to expedite SIMPL Windows programming, and the backend now includes enhanced debugging through Crestron Toolbox and Josh Portal. The modules are more resilient to Crestron Programming errors and will often alert the installer of known setup issues through the Text Console. Some Crestron errors will also shortly be accessible via the Josh Portal, along with the full Crestron configuration for remote debugging without digging into a Crestron development environment.

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The new modules enhance device and scene integration as well. There is now a “small” (50) and “large” (300) module for scenes, and it is trivial to increase capacity with the SIMPL+ module for large operations. The Room module now allows individual devices to report if they are online or offline for better state tracking — a key goal in voice control. Lastly, the Client module has more debugging levels to aid in program creation and integration with Josh.

A very simple demo program is also included to show a basic configuration of the module. It demonstrates how to initialize the modules and provides control of two lights, each in separate rooms. For current dealers, you can take a look at the updated documentation in our dealer portal: Crestron Module: Crestron Documentation:

Please implement the module in SIMPL Windows and have the following programmed: is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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