Debuts Scalable Software Plans for Every Project 🎉

3 min readOct 10, 2023

At CEDIA 2023, the team introduced an enhanced pricing model, which scales each system based on its size and a customer’s desired smart home experience. This new model offers dealers and clients the flexibility to choose how they manage their software while providing greater visibility into the features enabled by Josh hardware. Today, October 10th marks its official debut.

Experience-Oriented Pricing

The value of every Josh system is based on the user experience it delivers. System design spans a wide spectrum depending on a client’s needs, ranging from an app-centric control experience with Josh One to the full-fledged Home Intelligence capabilities powered by Josh Core and Josh Nano.

Entry-level Josh One customers are empowered with an intuitive smart home control experience at just $10 per month MSRP. After enjoying an initial 60-day trial period, clients can then enable voice control in the Josh App to access their smart home devices and JoshGPT for an additional $10 per month MSRP.

For clients seeking an immersive far-field voice and AI experience, Josh Micro software plans start at $30 per month MSRP.

Scalable Pricing for Every Project

To complement its experiential offerings, Josh has also streamlined its software tiering to align with the number of controllable devices in a project. Counting devices allows for optimal contextual awareness with voice control while ensuring the Josh App experience for every home has ample bandwidth to organize the floor plan appropriately.

Josh One and Josh Micro support up to 100 devices and can scale to 200. For larger projects, Josh Core supports 500 devices and is capable of supporting over 1000.

As part of the new software plan rollout, Josh has introduced one-time purchase pricing for all of its solutions. In addition to monthly software plans as the lowest entry point for customers, annual plans are also available.

Flexible Software Plan Management

Account Management Pages: Josh App

The new approach to software has resulted in an exciting shift in software plan management. It introduces two options: Dealer-Managed Software Plans and Josh-Managed Software Plans.

Josh understands that every dealer’s business is unique based on factors like their company size, sales approach, and clientele. To cater to every party involved as effectively as possible, while ensuring dealers are compensated for their work, is unveiling an industry-first approach to software management.

For installers that have already embraced recurring revenue to provide ongoing support contracts for customers, and prefer to loop software into their offering, they will receive a preferred margin on software plans. Dealers who would rather not manage software plans will still receive generous ongoing compensation for client projects that are billed by

Through the Josh App, dealers and clients can monitor their software plan status with the ability to upgrade at any point. For more information about Josh solutions and software plans, please reach out to is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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