+ ChatGPT: The Future of Intelligent Home Assistance

At, the mission has been to provide conversational and contextual AI throughout our living spaces. To date, has established itself as a foremost voice assistant in the smart home industry thanks to best-in-class device integrations while offering some personal assistant functionality like weather conditions, stock prices, math calculations, and more helpful information. While offers many features, the possibilities become even more limitless when exploring the potential of leveraging ChatGPT’s generative AI.

We are thrilled to be working on bringing the best of and ChatGPT together to create something truly remarkable — a solution where one plus one equals three. By combining our strengths, we envision delivering an AI experience that is beyond what any smart home is capable of. Potential use cases include:

The possibilities are endless, and there has never been a more significant moment in the evolution of smart homes and AI. Stay tuned and keep an eye on to witness this exciting opportunity unfold.

For fun, here are some use cases we’re exploring:

Ability to ask questions in a conversational way.
Home control and questions.

This article was written by Alex Capecelatro, co-founder and CEO of Previously, Alex was a research scientist for NASA, Sandia National Lab, and the NRL. Before that, Alex worked at Fisker Automotive and founded At The Pool and Yeti. Alex has an engineering degree from UCLA, lives in LA, and likes to tweet about AI, Startups, and Design. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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