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Image for post continues pushing the boundaries of cutting edge technology and elegant design through a partnership with Wall-Smart, an industry leader in flush mount solutions. The companies have worked closely together to design mounting systems for new construction and retrofit applications, which offers integrators the flexibility to blend Josh Micro into any environment no matter the stage or timeline of the project. Clients will now be able to enjoy’s intuitive and privacy-oriented approach to voice automation without sacrificing the aesthetic of their interior decor.

Wall-Smart’s mounts build upon their award-winning design philosophy while factoring in’s various voice and capacitive touch performance requirements. Custom-built around Josh Micro’s spherical structure, audio grills were arranged to allow for a maximal sound path while minimizing the visual impact when positioned in the wall. Thermal operating thresholds along with peripheral POE and WiFi adapters were also taken into consideration when determining the optimal orientation of Josh Micro in each mount.

Thorough testing has been done to ensure a consistently powerful user experience. The new construction mount rests evenly with the wall and includes a bezel that will be painted with the wall finish for a perfect fit. For an easier installation without the need for construction, the retrofit mounts provide an elegant and nearly-flush mounted option. Similar to other Wall-Smart offerings, custom audio grill details and color finishes are available upon request for every mount variation.

With Josh Micro seamlessly integrated into every room of the home, users will be able to give natural voice commands to set the mood. For example, “OK Josh, dim the lights to 50%, raise the shades on the first floor, and listen to Chopin everywhere,” will efficiently transform a client’s environment without the overhead of having to learn how to use any automation technology.

About Wall-Smart Ltd.

Wall-Smart© presents a new practical design that combines functional control & aesthetics to seamlessly integrate into any wall by providing innovative, creative yet cost-effective solutions for all in-wall challenges. Our unique combination of Engineering, Interior Design & Production capabilities enables you to meet the demanding, continually transforming functional design needs of the modern-day integrated smart home and smart building.

Wall-Smart® is a trademark of Wall-Smart Ltd., registered in the U.S and the UK. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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