Announces Savant Integration

The team is excited to announce our integration with Savant, initially supporting Savant scenes. While Josh provides intuitive voice control and an elegant array of interfaces, integrating with Savant scenes truly enables a complete user experience. Thanks to Savant’s ability to limitlessly program automation and control any device, our partnership provides homeowners unmatched customization.

Our Savant integration is designed to make installing Josh even easier — home technology professionals simply authorize the Hub and Josh will do the rest. Once enabled, Josh will import all user-created Savant scenes that exist on that system, and allow them to be added to any new or existing Josh scene. This flexibility allows any end-user created Savant scene to be called directly from Josh!


Make sure that your Savant host is up to date. We’ve tested all the way back to daVinci software version 8.6, so anything newer than that should be supported.

As long as your Savant host is on the same network as your Josh system, you will see the Savant host show up under authorized devices in the Josh Portal.

We’ll attempt to authorize with Savant’s default credentials, and if that works, you’re all set! However, if you’ve changed the SSH username or password on the Savant host, you’ll need to add them in Josh.

To check this, go to the Josh portal and:

  1. Click on your name at the top right to show the dropdown menu and choose AUTH DEVICES
  2. Choose SAVANT SYSTEMS HUB from the left-hand menu.
  3. If your Savant host shows up as an Authorized Device, nothing more is needed! We’ve connected already and begun importing Savant scenes.

If the Savant Systems Hub displays as Unauthorized, you’ll need to click Authorize, then enter in your SSH username and password for the Savant Host.

Step 3.

Once the hub is authorized you’ll be able to add some Savant scenes to your Josh Scenes.

  1. Go to the Scenes tab in portal
  2. Create or edit an existing scene
  3. You’ll see a Savant device in the list of available devices. Click that and it will add a Savant tile to the current scene
  4. Select the Savant scene you want to run from the dropdown menu.

Josh is continually checking the Savant host for changes to scenes. Any new scenes added to the Savant system will show up nearly immediately in Josh. We’re looking forward to the new capabilities and experiences this partnership will enable for our shared clientele. Enjoy! is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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