Adds Support for Lutron Athena + QSX Thermostats is transforming connected living spaces and expanding its Lutron partnership beyond residential systems. By launching support for the Athena platform, is introducing its contextual voice automation, intuitively designed app, and privacy-focused approach to control to commercial customers. The launch of Athena also includes thermostat support for new and existing Homeworks QSX users.

After a button press authenticates an Athena or Homeworks QSX processor, utilizes Lutron’s state-of-the-art LEAP integration protocol to automatically pull in Lutron’s floor plan configuration and device programming. The instant discovery and control of Lutron devices has been built with the installer in mind to expedite the implementation process. Supported devices within’s native control now include Ketra (Clear Connect Wireless — Type X), dimmable lights, switched loads, shades, fans, thermostats, keypads, and occupancy sensors.

Through the use of a room-aware Josh microphone or the Josh App, clients will enjoy maximum comfort and convenience. Set the temperature precisely with commands like “Hey Josh, set the thermostat to 71 degrees” or “Hey Josh, I’m cold.” Changing the HVAC mode is as easy as “Hey Josh, turn on the heat.” You can even trigger Josh scenes off of changes in the ambient temperature.

Lutron residential Homeworks QSX and commercial Athena customers can now take advantage of a fully integrated environmental control experience. Not only with seamless voice and app access to tunable lighting, shading, and climate, among other connected devices but also through Lutron’s Josh Nano Ready Wallplate. is committed to constantly improving and expanding its features to provide users with the best possible intelligent living experience. The additions of Lutron Athena and Homeworks QSX thermostat integration illustrate how’s continuous software development enhances its value over time, unlocking new capabilities. While Lutron and are proud to share the depth of their current partnership, both companies are equally excited about what is to come!

About Lutron

From dimmers for the home to smart lighting and shading management systems for entire buildings, lighting and shading control leader Lutron Electronics offers more than 15,000 products. In the US alone, Lutron products save an estimated 10 billion kWh of electricity or approximately $1 billion in utility costs per year. The company’s early inventions — including the first solid-state electronic dimmer invented by Lutron’s founder, Joel Spira — are now at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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