— A Year in Review

The family, December 2016.

What a year it’s been., our AI for the home, went from beta testing to production and is now in our customer’s homes! It’s been an exciting 2016 and we have a lot planned for 2017. As we look back on the year, we thought it would be fun to share a few highlights from the past 12 months. Thanks for being a part of this journey!

  1. As far as home automation is concerned, this has been the year of voice. Being at the center of that trend, we’ve published numerous blog posts, been written up in a number of articles, and interviewed on various podcasts. Check it out here.
Some of the coverage this year. For more visit

2. As we grow, we’ve continued to expand the team. Half our staff is in LA with the other half in Denver. We’ve been fortunate to add some amazing engineering and business talent.

3. This year the Amazon Echo and Google Home came out strong with far-field microphones for very reasonable prices. We’ve built integrations with both so either microphone will allow you to have full-home control with + Google Home integration

4. This year we also announced an official partnership with Global Caché, allowing non-IP control (specifically IR) over devices like TVs and set-top boxes.

5. We built integrations with both Crestron and Control4 this year, making it super easy to add Josh to a home with either system.

6. We shot a fun demo video showing what Josh can do in a large Beverly Hills home. If you haven’t had a chance to see that, check it out here.

7. Josh is a professionally installed product and we’ve been fortunate to partner with some of the best integrators across the country. We now have partners in most major cities and continue to grow our relationships each week.

8. Earlier this year we officially launched our iPhone, iPad, and Android apps which are now available in the App Stores. Of course you need the Josh Home Base for this to work, but we’re excited to have our apps live!

9. Josh is primarily a software product that lives on a local server (we call Home Base). That said, it’s important that our look and feel matches the quality of our product, so this year we designed and finalized some beautiful packaging.

10. We officially launched this year at CEDIA, shipping our pre-orders and starting to fulfill new customer orders. We’re pretty excited to be released! is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. Stay tuned for some exciting updates and announcements in 2017! Thank you to everyone who’s been part of our journey thus far. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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