2023 Year in Review ⏪

4 min readDec 19, 2023

As we reflect on the past year, it’s clear that innovation and user experience design continue to be at the forefront of the journey. From groundbreaking product launches to feature enhancements, 2023 has been a year of exciting growth. With each release and update, has continued to redefine the boundaries of artificial intelligence in the home.

Join us as we revisit the milestones that have shaped the intelligent living experience for our clients and partners over the past year.

CEDIA 2023

Product Launches

Josh One

CEDIA 2023 was headlined with the launch of Josh One, representing a significant leap forward in the smart home industry. After pioneering advancements in voice control for the better part of the last decade, Josh introduced the first AI-powered home control platform for customers seeking a modern app-based experience.


Launched at the Summer Reveal Event, JoshGPT revolutionized the company’s voice and app interfaces, adding a new dimension to the intelligent living experience. Using Josh Micro and Nano as contextually aware microphones, users can now interact with JoshGPT as if conversing with a friend nearby. Whether controlling connected devices, exploring familiar interests, or discovering new possibilities, JoshGPT offers limitless potential, accessible through voice or text commands via the Josh App.

Josh Remote

In partnership with AVA, Josh introduced Josh Remote to offer a sleek handheld touchscreen complement for Josh systems. It features a dedicated microphone button for voice commands, offering the same contextual awareness as standard Josh microphones. Unlike traditional remotes, Josh Remote allows users to interact freely across their entire smart home environment.

Feature Releases

Android App 5.0

Josh updated its Android app to version 5.0, providing comprehensive device control from anywhere. Android users now enjoy intuitive access to system settings, custom dashboards, devices, areas, and scenes, all from their mobile phones and tablets.

iOS Notifications & Apple TV Deep-Linking

Expanding its support of the Apple ecosystem, Josh introduced deep-linking integration for AppleTV and the ability to create custom notifications for the Josh App. Apple users can now directly access their favorite content on streaming services and personalize real-time alerts for various system activities.

Intelligent Areas

A significant user experience update this year was the introduction of Intelligent Areas. Improving upon its user-friendly design, Intelligent Areas enables Josh to understand and control devices across multi-functional spaces more accurately. For instance, Josh now understands that while a thermostat might be installed in the Living Room, it also controls the temperature in the Kitchen among other rooms in a larger Great Room area. When a Josh Micro or Nano that is within the Great Room receives a command like, “Hey Josh, I’m cold,” it will know to activate the thermostat applicable to the proper area.

System Setup Tool

To facilitate its Intelligent Areas rollout, Josh launched its System Setup page to provide installers with an efficient tool for configuring rooms and devices within their respective areas. The interface was designed with programmer feedback, enabling complicated properties and floor plans to be mapped quickly for the most natural user experience possible. For partners that are used to Lutron’s nesting structure, Josh captures data similarly and decreases the need to redo system programming.

Device Defaults

Josh enhanced customization capabilities across living spaces thanks to Device Defaults. This feature allows programmers to define specific actions for room-level on or off commands, ensuring a bespoke experience that respects the unique needs of each client.


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