InfoComm 2018 Takeaway — Voice is Not Only for Homeowners

Casey from with Michael Restrepo of Restrepo Innovations

With a focus on the CEDIA channel and building the best experience for the smart home of the future, attending a show like InfoComm was enlightening for a variety of reasons. Whether it was meeting with current partners, potential dealers, or manufacturers, InfoComm’s attendees made one thing clear: now that voice control has entered the home, it is a desired interface across all of the spaces we interact with. The beauty of Josh acting as either a voice layer with Crestron or Control4, or as a stand alone automation solution, is that it doesn’t matter what environment it is deployed in as long as the devices are compatible.

It was exciting to hear the proposed use-cases for voice control in different commercial and hospitality environments. A common proposal was that a voice solution, such as Josh, could be an efficient interface in a conference room or classroom. With a command like, “Ok Josh, start the presentation” we could set the tone by simultaneously switching monitor inputs to airplay while lowering the shades and dimming the lights. Another avenue that we are starting to see more interest in is voice control complementing the guest experience in hotel rooms. Instead of dialing room service, imagine simply asking “Ok Josh, can you bring up some more towels?” and having that command execute a macro notifying reception of your request.

These are only glimpses of the conversations and strategies for implementation that were discussed at InfoComm. As voice control continues evolving user experiences, it becomes a method for these other environments to set themselves apart for their patrons and personnel. We are looking forward to exploring these new opportunities as our partners continue proposing creative and ambitious projects.

Highlights from the Show Floor

Hypervsn’s Hologram signage was a show stopper

The hologram animations from Hypervsn were mesmerizing to say the least. From shapes, to logos, to images of people, this booth was showing off one of the coolest technologies we are only going to see more of. The applications for advertising as well as entertainment are endless as brands and venues respectively will seek ways to grab their audiences attention like never before. I can see a Josh dog head hologram now…

Spatial Audio display from Sony

I did not realize what this technology was until speaking with one of our current partners who also sets up concert stages. Spatial audio refers to the emitted volume reflecting the location of the source. For example, as a singer or guitarist moves across the stage the volume of their voice or instrument will follow their path across the stage. This demo was particularly powerful as the audio increased or decreased along the length of the screen following the path of the swimming dolphins, emitting sonar and splashing sounds from side-to-side as they rapidly altered course.

Shot of the Digital Projection 8k projector demo

One of the main themes of InfoComm was the variety of ways companies are improving picture quality. No method was more impressive than Digital Projection’s 8k projector, which almost looked three dimensional thanks to the caliber of its resolution. I’ll need a home theater first, but I want one!

Panasonic’s newest gaming experience

Another crowd pleaser, Panasonic built an immersive video dome for a robust gaming demo on the show floor. Sitting in the pilot’s chair was like simulating your own space odyssey.

Sony’s monstrous crystal display

In theme with the other exhibitors showing off displays, the centerpiece of Sony’s booth was a 30 foot crystal screen with amazing picture quality. It may be as big as our entire CEDIA booth, but as a partner we will see what we can do to get one!

Casey is a member of the Business Development team. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Casey graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration. A former collegiate athlete, he enjoys staying active and going on new adventures. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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