IBS 2024 — A Josh.ai Case Study for Builders 👷

3 min readMar 26, 2024

At the International Builders’ Show (IBS) 2024, Josh.ai joined forces with Lutron, Cavco Homes, and The PAVE (The ProView Audio Video Experience). This collaboration was showcased in three distinct tiny homes, each a testament to the innovative and diverse range of products offered by these companies.

In addition to its presence in Cavco’s tiny homes, Josh.ai was also featured in The New American Home. This marked the second consecutive year that Josh.ai had been integrated into The New American Home. As the home intelligence interface of choice, the Josh App orchestrated intuitive control while Josh Nano powered contextual voice automation.

The partnership between Josh.ai and Lutron provided visitors with immersive experiences at Cavco’s tiny homes and The New American Home. More than just a showcase of individual products; IBS demonstrated how seamlessly these technologies can work together to offer value across smart home budgets and elevate connected living experiences. Visitors witnessed firsthand the accessibility and power of modern smart home control.

Learn more about how Josh.ai solutions are designed and implemented in every project below!

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