IBS 2022 — Smart & Stylish

From Right to Left: Casey (Josh.ai), Patrick (Orro), Brittany (Somfy), and Michael (RePure)

Here at Josh.ai, our team is always on the lookout for innovative technologies and inspirational design that will transform our living spaces. With that mission in mind, attending IBS offered a great opportunity to see new products outside of the traditional custom integration ecosystem and explore new strategies to engage with the design-build community.

After the last couple of years of virtual meetings and events, it was also refreshing to see a bustling show floor and to get to meet with our partners in person. Impressively, a reported 80,000 people were in attendance!

Here are a few of my favorite findings from IBS 2022:

Monogram Oven

If the Monogram Smart Flush Hearth Oven does not inspire culinary expertise, I am not sure what will. This indoor electric oven makes a bold statement with its dimensional design and lower vent system that blends seamlessly into the lines of surrounding cabinetry. Once the oven is on, the electric heating zones combine the crisping performance of traditional coal-and wood-burning hearth oven with the intelligence of a luxury appliance.

The exterior features a 7” LCD touchscreen that shows preset cooking options for a variety of foods, offering simplicity and precision that enables anyone to make a masterpiece. For those who enjoy a crispier pizza crust or vegetables, the bottom heating unit can reach 1,300 degrees and the top unit can heat up to 800 degrees, providing a truly customized cooking experience that yields professional results.


Span’s panel products give clients circuit-level control over their home’s electrical system. When combined with the company’s smartphone app, the system can not only analyze power consumption to the device level, it can also identify consumption anomalies caused by malfunctioning appliances, a feature Span likens to an automobile’s check-engine light.

Since the panels know precisely how much electricity is available — and how much is needed — at any given moment, they can throttle down low-priority circuits to shunt more power (as much as 48 amps) to the Span Drive vehicle charger. Other features include charge scheduling, so you can charge your vehicle when your utility’s electric rates are the lowest; dynamic charging speed, so you can tap your home’s backup battery during a power outage; and wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE) to a Span panel. In homes that have solar panels installed, users are also able to switch from grid power to solar power to charge their EV.


The Moen Smart Water Network provides complete control over the water flowing throughout a home. From automated pipe security, to sump pump monitoring, to smart faucet and shower control, Moen has introduced a range of devices to suit our personal water cycles.

While leak detection and automatic shutoff via the Flo by Moen device and water usage reporting room by room offer impressive resource management. User-friendly presets for temperature and water pressure, along with app, voice, and gesture-activated faucets and showers enable anyone to control their water consumption to the perfect degree.

LG ThinkQ

While the LG ThinkQ ecosystem continues growing across kitchen and bath appliances, it was LG’s Rollable TV that was a focal point of performance and design. My first time seeing it in person, the Signature OLED is truly a work of art fit for luxury lifestyles. The TV appears when you need it and disappears when you do not, with the ability to roll out to three different heights — each with a unique purpose and all with a stylish look that complements your space.

Beyond LG’s eye-catching display, it was impressive to see how ThinkQ is growing to include wellbeing oriented products designed for energy management, climate control, and air quality monitoring. It was fun to see the new LG appliance called Tiiun, which means “to sprout” in Korean. For those into biophilia, indoor gardeners can now cultivate vegetables, herbs and even flowers in the comfort of their own homes without the worries of pests or an unfavorable climate.

Kohler Spa

After a busy couple of days of running around the show floor, the Kohler spa looked especially inviting. Thanks to Kohler’s Anthem Digital Control, its smart bath offering includes 9 presets, 5 programmable experiences, touchscreen automation, voice activation, and installation flexibility for multiple shower zones.

It was not only exciting to see the user experiences that are possible with Kohler’s technology, but welcome news to hear that they are the latest brand to join CEDIA’s Propel affinity program. Integrator members now receive exclusive benefits, including early access to Kohler’s Authorized Rep Service (ARS) program in select major metro areas.

If we did not have a chance to meet at IBS and you would like to connect at a future show, please reach out to partners@josh.ai!

Casey is a member of the Josh.ai Business Development team. Originally from the SF Bay Area, Casey graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration. A former collegiate athlete, he enjoys staying active and going on new adventures.

Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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