How to Take Your Super Bowl Experience to the Next Level — with

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Few sporting events in the world can rival the magnitude of the Super Bowl. The 2020 Super Bowl had just shy of 100 million viewers last year, with many people gathered together for some amazing parties. This year, viewing parties around the country and world will surely look slightly different.

The pandemic is still here and will likely cause many people to watch alone or with a small select number of friends and family. Never fear — technology and will prove that even with Covid, you can still take your viewing experience to the next level.

Sound … and A LOT of it

While Sonos offers great soundbars for your TV, the company also offers a wide selection of speakers, amps, and subs. To take it a step further, you can put a complete sound system throughout your entire house with Sonos and link it to the rest of your home, including lights, shades, and TV, all through Josh. This will give you the total home experience you need for any kind of occasion, but especially for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Scenes

If you don’t want to use the web interface to type in the scene commands, no problem! You can even create a scene on the fly using your voice. This gives you the power to easily create a scene by simply saying what you want to happen whenever the thought comes into your brain. This can make your Super Bowl experience really unique and fun (while also showcasing the power of Josh 😊).

This year's Super Bowl will likely be much different than any prior. I hope everyone enjoys the game and I hope can help elevate your viewing experience.

Go Chiefs! (Sorry Buccaneer fans, all football views are my own)

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