How to Adjust the Wake Phrase for Your System

4 min readAug 9, 2022


Whether you have installed Josh Micro, Josh Nano, or both, here are your options and the ways to update your smart home’s wake phrase.

Quick Steps Guide

Open the Josh iOS app

Go to the Devices Tab on the bottom of the screen and select Josh Devices

Hit the three dots at the bottom of any josh microphone tile

Select the settings icon at the top right of the screen

Scroll to the Wake Phrase selector and choose what suits your home best from the dropdown list.

Josh Wake Phrases

Josh microphones are known for their unique “Ok/Hey Josh’’ dual wake phrase out of the box, which makes it even easier for all users to interact with their surroundings. However, addressing a “Josh” is not always the best wake phrase option. Especially if activating Josh (the AI) is confusing your family member named Josh or if Josh does not seem to be the right fit if you prefer that your system responds in a female voice.

Depending on your use of Micros and Nanos, Josh systems offer a variety of wake phrase options. Beyond the “Ok/Hey Josh” default wake phrase, Josh Micro systems come equipped with “Ok Home” and “Hey Micro” as additional options. The other option for homes that have deployed Josh Nano is Josh’s first single-word wake phrase, “Nikola.”

Professional installers and their clients can easily make wake phrase changes through the intuitive Josh app by going to any microphone’s tile. It is important to note that changing the wake phrase on one Josh microphone updates it globally across the entire system. This is done to ensure a consistent experience across every room of a project. Users can now address Josh with commands like:

“Nikola, dim the lights, draw the blackouts, and watch The Mandalorian on Disney+.”

If you are ready to change your wake phrase and enjoy an entirely new Josh experience, below is an in-depth step-by-step guide using voice or the Josh App:

How to change Josh’s name using a voice command

Say, “Hey/Ok, Josh, change your wake phrase to Nikola.”

Josh will respond with “Wake Phrase set to Nikola.”

It is that easy to change your Josh system’s wake phrase with voice!

How to change Josh’s wake phrase using the Josh app

Step by Step Video Instruction

Go to the Josh iOS app on your iPhone or iPad. Also, double-check that you are making adjustments to the right property. Wake phrases are system-specific, meaning each of your Josh properties has its own wake phrase.

Then you will navigate to the devices tab and select the “Josh Devices” group.

Once in the Josh Devices tab, select any of the Josh microphones in your home. This can be done by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of the device tile.

You only need to change the wake phrase on one of your Josh devices for it to change the wake phrase for the whole house. So don’t worry; you will not need to repeat any of these steps.

Next, select the gear icon in the Josh device tile and take your pick between “Ok Home” / “Hey Micro” or “Nikola” from the wake phrase list of options.

You will then be prompted with a dialogue box that says, “This will change the Wake Phrase for all Josh Devices.” You will want to confirm by selecting “Change” to finalize this update.

After submitting this change, wait a couple of seconds for the system to implement the adjustment. You will see your Josh microphone LED ring light up white to confirm the new wake phrase is ready to be used; once the ring goes away, you can start addressing Josh with your new wake phrase.


Josh has various wake phrases to choose from, and Nikola is one of our favorites as it enhances the intelligent home experience with Josh Nano. If you have not had a chance to try Josh’s alternative wake phrases, it is a great feature to add another element of personalization to your system. For anyone interested in the rich history and decision behind “Nikola” — You can learn more from our CEO here.

Feel free to tinker with this fun feature and let us know what your dream Josh wake phrase is. Who knows, we could add it next :)

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