How Helps Alleviate Decision Making Gridlock

Decisions, decisions… Like most of us, you may routinely find yourself struggling to make simple everyday choices. Things like, where to get dinner, who should do the chores, or what to watch on TV. These are a few of the common questions that come up for my girlfriend and me in our home. However, after deploying, we consult Josh all of the time to help make these decisions with us and have more fun in the process!

One of the most user friendly and customizable features of a Josh system is the ability to program custom responses for each scene. Josh also allows you to add as many custom responses as you would like and cycles through them randomly each time the scene is triggered with a voice command. The possibilities are endless!

However, how do scene triggers and responses help a household make its decisions? To start, a scene does not necessarily need to control devices. Instead, it is possible to simply program custom responses for topics that are worth further consideration. For example, when we want to order food and cannot decide what to eat, we activate our “Dinner” scene. This scene has no other actions associated with it other than telling us the name of a random restaurant or a cuisine that we enjoy. Whatever Josh responds with is what we end up eating!

An example of how easy it is to add custom responses to a “Dinner” scene

In this example, giving the command “Ok Josh, dinner,” will result in Josh saying one of our custom responses and pointing us in the right direction. This is only one decision that we frequently encounter, but an effective and fun way to bring in Josh as an unbiased third party to save us time contemplating what to order. Whether you want to play chores roulette to see who takes out the garbage, cannot decide what genre is ideal for movie night, or have any other tough choices to make, Josh can help as your home’s voice of reason.

The possibilities are endless with the unique and powerful ways Josh can be utilized in your day-to-day activities. Our team is always excited to see the creative ways our clients are interacting with Josh and we are here to help make your smart home experience as enjoyable as possible.

This article was written by Connor at in Santa Monica, where he focuses on Technical Partner Support. He recently moved from Seattle where he worked at a Fintech Startup. In his free time, Connor loves to play poker and go snowboarding. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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