How and Sony’s Integrations Work

Native integrations of Sony products with the Josh platform creates an unmatched luxury media experience.

Device compatibility not only results in an unmatched client experience, but a seamless set-up process for the system integrator as well. After connecting to the network Josh auto-populates integrated Sony devices, accelerating the deployment process for custom installers. Configuration of HDMI inputs and AV outputs are visibly diagramed in the Josh portal for intuitive setup. Once the system is completed, the user is able to walk from room to room and simply ask their Josh Micro to turn on their desired content.

Alex Capecelatro, CEO of spoke for the entire team when saying: “We’re excited to align with Sony as a fellow innovator in the industry. Our device integrations are incredibly important as we recommend solutions for luxury clients who want performance as well as reliability, with the simplicity of being able to ask for any music or video content in a room and have it instantly play. Sony is a prominent manufacturer for many of our dealers, and we’re excited to continue our development with their product mix. Our goal with is to deliver a magical experience to the user and our relationship with Sony gets us one step closer to that vision.”

Sony XBR TVs

Authorize a Sony XBR TV in the Josh portal by going to Auth Devices in the upper right hand menu

Once a Sony XBR TV is authorized in the Josh Portal, its location and input assignments are configurable for optimal performance. The current functionality allows for natural speech commands to power the TV on/off, adjust volume, and switch inputs between sources. For the best experience, add a Roku to enable deep-linking to specific content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube.

Adding inputs to a TV provides Josh with the knowledge to easily switch between sources

Sony Projectors

Projector integration transforms the interactions around home theater automation

Similar to TVs and receivers, projectors may have a “Simple IP” control setting that should be enabled, which allows Josh control when it is turned off. Most projectors will need to be authorized with a code as well, like the pre-shared key for TVs.

In the example above, Josh discovered the Sony VPL-VW365ES projector as a video output device. The receiver, which auto-populated as well, has been added to establish the connection between the projector and the Roku assigned to the BD/DVD input. This configuration allows for commands like, “watch Mad Men season 4 episode 5” to turn on the projector, open Netflix, and turn on the desired content.

Sony Receivers

With receiver integration, easily switch between video and audio sources to set the mood

When adding a receiver or amplifying device, it is important to tell Josh where the audio and video outputs are located in the home.The Josh distributed AV framework presents the flexibility to switch receiver inputs between sources, which correlate with the respective AV outputs in that room.

In the example above, we have created a Theater Speaker so that Josh knows to route audio to this room from the Sonos Connect assigned to the SA-CD/CD input. This alignment allows for commands like, “listen to Rolling in the Deep by Adele” to execute by switching inputs, and outputs, on the receiver to play the requested content.

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