How Adding Josh to a Rental Property Can Help Attract More Visitors

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We all know Josh is a state of the art home automation product, both in hardware, software, and also in our clean and easy-to-use iOS app. Given that, we see many of our clients using Josh for everything from simplifying their day-to-day lives through automation to showing it off to their friends for fun.

One interesting scenario that we’ve scene come up is with rental properties and marketing around that property. Specifically, for those looking for an additional wow-factor, adding Josh to a rental property can help greatly boost the number of visitors, as well as revenue, for the property.

Josh can simply be added to any rental property and give your visitors a totally new experience. Being a small and nimble startup focused on the luxury residential market, we’ve been able to design Josh to give your guests a one of a kind experience. One of the greatest things about adding Josh to your property is that you can completely customize the experience for your guests based on what you want. Below is a list all of the different configurations below which is another huge advantage for adding Josh.

This is the simplest and most basic option. Simply adding Josh to the entire property and placing Micros in the rooms with a command cheat sheet will get any guest comfortable using Josh quickly. In fact, this is one approach we highly recommend. You’ll be surprised with how much a short cheat sheet with commands detailing what your guests can control will absolutely blow them away.

This is another great option for your guests. In addition to the Micros placed in all the rooms with a cheat sheet, we are now adding tablets around the house. These can either be wall-mounted tablets that act as a wall touch panel, or just be a tablet loaded with Josh that the user can carry around the house. Since everyone interacts with technology in a different way, your guests now have a beautiful and easy-to-use touch interface, if that’s how they prefer to control the home.

The last option is also one of the things that makes Josh so special. You can easily grant permissions to and remove permissions from your houseguests, giving them an overall luxurious and technologically advanced experience. To add visitors that will be staying in your house, all you need is their email. They will then download the Josh app and create an account before they arrive. Once they leave, you can simply remove them from the building so they have no control. This gives users a real personal experience as they can control the property with voice, tablets, or even their very own IOS device.

Josh offers you a unique way to turn any regular property into an advanced smart home that will absolutely blow away any visitor you have. With Josh’s complete home control, easy to use UI, and voice capability, Josh is a must-have feature in any high-end rental property. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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