Featured Josh.ai Dealer of the Month: August 2022— Quality Audio Video (Centennial, CO)

2 min readAug 31, 2022


Josh Nano in the QAV Conference Room

The GoQAV experience center allows customers and partners to see what’s possible with design-focused technology solutions as they immerse into an adventure filled with stories and brand discovery.

When designing their 6,000-square-foot Experience Center, GoQAV says they knew they had to come up with something that disrupted the stereotype of what comes to mind when invited to an AV Showroom.

Figuring out what those unique aspects would become their biggest challenge. As a company that has created solutions for nearly every space, from residential to commercial settings, GoQAV decided to begin at the core of the Experience Center and branch out from there. The intent was for this Experience Center to feel less like a commercial space and more like a home, so emphasizing the kitchen area was an essential step in creating that type of atmosphere.

GoQAV says their objective was never to pitch products or systems but rather to encourage prospective clients to dream about what’s possible while exploring design-focused technology. This vision extends to the living room and surrounding areas with a sound sculpture handcrafted by Leon Speakers to welcome visitors and art-integrated sound tiles woven throughout.

Josh.ai and Crestron Home are the driving force connecting everything within the Experience Center at GoQAV. In today’s world, surrounded by technology, it’s easy to get caught up in the many possibilities of a smart home. GoQAV takes a unique approach, focusing on the stories you want to bring to life and the user experience within every space while emphasizing the design.

Visit GoQAVs Award Winning showroom in Centennial, CO by scheduling a tour HERE

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