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Last week we released version 2.0 of the Josh.ai Smart Home App for iPhone (https://appsto.re/us/XSuf9.i). This update is packed with new features that make using the app super simple and intuitive. We added advanced features for making new dashboards, moving devices, adding rooms, and more! You can check out the latest version of the app here (note: needs the Josh Home Base to function).

The Josh 2.0 app

The home screen of the new Josh.ai app features a fully configurable dashboard of your favorite devices and scenes. This can be as simple or complicated as you like. We tend to include 1 or 2 cameras, some often used scenes, and devices we want quick access to, such as Garage 3 in the screenshot above. If you swipe to reveal the left, the app displays a list of rooms, and on the right is a list of devices by type for easy navigation. You can see a demo here and more details below.

1. Voice Control

As always, you can tap into the AI behind Josh using the microphone on the bottom of the screen. For example, you could say, “Open the shades, turn on the fan, and play John Mayer.”

2. Type a Command

In addition to voice commands, you can always type a command. This is particularly useful if you’re at dinner or in an environment where speaking isn’t appropriate.

3. Device View

One of our goals with Josh 2.0 is the ability to quickly navigate to any device in seconds. No need for complicated navigation or unnecessary swiping to control exactly what you want. In the animation above we show switching between the home page and the music tab.

4. Move Dashboard Tiles

The point of the home page in Josh 2.0 is to provide a list of shortcuts to the devices and scenes you want quick access to. Based on your feedback, we’ve made it possible to drag and drop these tiles to quickly get the exact configuration you desire.

5. New Dashboards

On the top of the screen you’ll notice the text, “Main Dashboard.” This shows which dashboard you’re viewing, and it’s super easy to switch between them. Maybe you want a dashboard for your favorite devices which differ from your partner, or even a “home” vs. “away” dashboard?

6. Add Rooms / Move Devices

When you swipe over to the room view, you’ll notice the text “Add Room” at the bottom. It’s now easier than ever to add, delete, and edit rooms on mobile for full customization on the go.

7. Editing Rooms

The app focused on photos more than ever, and it’s important to be able to customize a room as needed. You can now go in and add/edit aliases (super important for good voice control), and modify the floor/photo to get just the look you want.

We’re excited to share Josh 2.0 with you! Please continue sending in feedback as we work to make the experience better than ever.

Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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