Everything you need to know about the Josh.ai + Control4 Integration

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As an elegant and intuitive layer on top of other technology in the home, Josh.ai has deep integrations with a variety of platforms. Control4 is one of the leading home control systems and this document outlines how the two can work together to provide a powerful user experience.

Integrating Josh with Control4 makes for a more powerful experience when using voice control in comparison with other options available. For example:

  1. There is no need to hardcode voice commands or memorize specific phrases. Josh handles natural voice commands with ease. For example, you can always control by device type, such as “open the shades to 50%.” There are many ways to give similar commands, such as, “raise the shades halfway,” “open the shade halfway,” and “lift the shades 1/2 way.” You can also control by floor, room, or individual device. Josh also understands similar nicknames, so if you name a room “gym,” Josh will also understand it’s the same as “workout room” and “exercise room.”
  2. With Josh you can give compound commands such as, “turn on the kitchen lights, open the garage doors, and play the White Album.”
  3. Josh also utilizes anaphora, which gives you the ability to say “turn on the TV” and then without prefacing what device or room, you can follow with, “make it louder” or “turn it off.”
  4. The integration between Josh and Control4 also works with the Josh mobile app, pictured below. With this app you can give voice commands right from your phone, whether at home or on the road, as well as view cameras and other important aspects of the home.
The Josh.ai mobile app

Below you’ll find a quick guide explaining how to set up a Control4 system with Josh.ai and configure the integration.

Note: This is aimed at certified Control4 dealers. If you are interested in this integration but are not a Control4 dealer, please reach out to be connected with one.

1. Equipment

To start, you’ll need a home running Control4, and you’ll need to acquire a Josh.ai system from a certified dealer. It’s recommended to have the Control4 install finished and functioning before incorporating Josh.ai.

2. Add the C4 driver

Before you plug in the Josh system, you’ll want to add the driver into your Composer Pro project. To do that, you can go to http://josh.ai/control4-driver to download the latest driver.

Once you have the driver downloaded and installed, you’ll want to plug in the Josh server to power and the network.

3. Josh Configuration

Next, after the server has booted up (can take up to 90 seconds), login by going to https://www.josh.ai/user/sign-in. There you’ll see a screen pictured below. If you don’t have a Josh account to login with, please contact us for support.

The main dashboard will look like this:

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Main dashboard

If you navigate to the rooms tab, you’ll see that Josh auto populated all the rooms that you’ve programmed within Composer Pro. Also, if you use Control4 lighting or Lutron, you’ll see that the lights are automatically assigned to their correct rooms.

Additionally, if you’ve already programmed a room in Composer called the “gym,” Josh automatically understands that the same room could also be called “fitness room” or “workout room” without any extra programming.

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Room view

As you look through the rooms to see if all the lights are assigned correctly, you may notice that some are missing. In the case that you’ve used a C4 switch for a light, you’ll need to switch the device type so Josh sees it as a light.

To do that, you’ll need to navigate to the devices tab and click on “Other Devices” on the left side. Hover your mouse over the device tile and then click the little gear cog on the top right corner. Then click on “change type” and select light from the drop down menu.

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Change device type

4. Aliases

When you’re issuing a voice command, whether it’s for a room, scene, or individual device, Josh makes it easy to configure multiple aliases. For example, you might want to refer to the kitchen as the “breakfast room,” so the command “turn on the breakfast room lights” will work with ease. Or you might want to nickname the corner shade in the game room the “east shade,” “big shade,” and “pool shade.” To make these aliases, simply navigate to the room or device in the Josh portal and you’ll see an interface that looks like this:

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Add aliases for the Game Room Shade

5. Josh Scenes

For devices that Josh can’t control natively, you’ll want to create scenes within Josh that trigger event ID’s in Composer Pro.

To begin, click on the scenes tab and then on the bottom left click “add scene.” Once you’ve given the scene a name, click the scene on the left to configure it.

Here you’ll want to add a couple voice triggers to give the user a broader set of key words to activate the scene. By clicking on triggers, you’ll get a drop down menu to add multiple keywords and phrases that will activate the scene.

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Scene configuration

Next, click on the name of the scene above the blue “run scene” button and you’ll see an expanded menu appear (pictured below). Then, click “scene type” and from the drop down menu select Control4.

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Scene type

After choosing the scene type, you’ll need to assign the scene an event ID. You’re able to give any number between 1–100. You’ll use this event ID in Composer Pro to tie it back to a device or scene in C4 you want to trigger.

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Control4 event ID

6. Control4 Configuration

Here is where you’ll configure what you want to be executed when Josh triggers the scene you’ve created. While in the programming tab you’ll want to go to device events and select the Josh driver. Once selected, choose the event ID number you assigned to the scene you created in Josh.

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Composer Pro

With the event ID selected, you may then populate the script section as usual with any custom actions you would like to be performed.

Soon you’ll be able to hook event IDs into AV control.

Josh.ai Control4 Driver: http://josh.ai/control4-driver

The integration is pretty powerful, and we’ve just explored the basics above. We encourage you to explore and try new things. If you have questions or feature requests, reach out and let us know.

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Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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