Creating Advanced Josh Scenes for Any Situation

The Morning Scene

  • First and foremost we are going to set this scene on a timer so that it triggers every morning at Sunrise.
  • Second, we are going to turn our lights on but only to 50% to slowly warm up to the bright lights.
  • Third, we are opening all of our shades to let natural light in.
  • Fourth, we are going to play some soft classical music throughout the house to help put us in a focused mood (can be adjusted for your preferred music preference).
  • Lastly, we are going to put some relaxing nature videos on the TV. We are doing this to help us start our day in a relaxing way rather than turning on a regular TV show.

The Workout Scene

  • First, we are going to be opening all the shades to let natural light into our workout area.
  • Secondly, we know working out can be tough work, so we are going to turn the fan on in our workout area to help keep us cool.
  • Third, we want to search for “Silent Workout” videos on YouTube. Searching silent workout videos is a great way for us to follow along to the workout but allow us to play our own music while working out.
  • Lastly, we want to put on the perfect workout music.

Set the Mood Scene

  • First, we want to set our TV volume to 0 and play a fireplace video on YouTube (granted you do not have a real fireplace you can turn on).
  • Secondly, we want to close all the shades everywhere to give us some privacy on our date night.
  • Third, we want to dim the lights to 10%.
  • Fourth, we are going to turn our Ketra lights to a relaxing color (Philips Hue lights work as well).
  • Lastly, we want to turn on some smooth Jazz music to help set the mood.




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